6-18 #WorkTogether : Samsung is to release a next-gen flagship SoC feat its own GPU in 2026; Elon Musk believes smartphone will be replaced by the Neuralink neural interface; Tata Group is allegedly to acquire a majority stake in the Indian unit of vivo; etc.

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan and IBM aim to develop a quantum computer with 10,000 quantum bits (qubits), which is 75 times the capacity of current quantum computers. In quantum computing, qubits are Read more ›

6-15 #GoodARGlasses : Samsung Foundry has unveiled its new roadmap for chipmaking process technologies; Samsung has demonstrated its color e-paper display; Apple is expanding the capabilities of its satellite messaging on the iPhone; etc.

Samsung Foundry has unveiled its new roadmap for chipmaking process technologies outlining plans for 2nm-class nodes, a 1.4nm-class node. In 2025, Samsung will launch its SF2 node, previously known as SF3P, which demonstrated power, performance, and area (PPA) which the Read more ›

6-7 #Rain : OPPO is committed to “making AI phones accessible to everyone”; Samsung has pre-emptively filed its own suit against Oura; Apple has allegedly tapped Samsung Display and LG Display to develop foldable display; etc.

Tsinghua University’s Department of Precision Instruments has unveiled a new computer chip inspired by the human brain that they say could revolutionize artificial intelligence applications like self-driving cars and smartphones. Tianmoc chip tackles a key challenge for AI: visual perception Read more ›

6-2 #HeKnows : TSMC has scheduled its N3P node to enter mass production in 2H24; Samsung will allegedly implement a thicker UTG on new Flip; T-Mobile is buying U.S. Cellular’s wireless operations and certain spectrum assets; etc.

MediaTek has announced two new midrange chips – the Dimensity 7300 and Dimensity 7300X. Both the MediaTek Dimensity 7300 and Dimensity 7300X are fabricated on a 4nm process node and offer an octa-core CPU. It consists of 4 x Cortex-A78 Read more ›