12-31 #Happy2023 : Qualcomm is likely to cut prices for its mid-range and entry-level Snapdragon; Qualcomm is making select head count reductions in certain functions; TSMC’s leading customers began to revise their orders to the company; etc.

The remaining buildings of OPPO Global Computing Power Center completed the complete acceptance and will soon be fully operational. The total investment is CNY4.5B, covering an area of 387 acres, which will be used to build chip research and development Read more ›

12-27 #CoughCough : TSMC lowered its capital expenditure in 2022 to USD36B; Samsung to ramp up its wafer production capacities for memories and system semiconductors by around 10% in 2023; Huawei and Nokia have announced the extension of their patent license agreement; etc.

Affected by weak consumer demand and the upstream supply chain, TSMC lowered its capital expenditure in 2022 to USD36B, which was previously expected to be USD40-44B. In terms of demand, the company also expects that the industry’s inventory level will Read more ›

12-24 #MerryXmas : TSMC’s new US fab in Arizona has obtained 4nm chip orders from Tesla; Micro has announced a host of cost-cutting measures; Xiaomi has begun laying off workers across several of its smartphone and internet services units; etc.

Google Pixel roadmap leaks, revealing every smartphone the company has planned from 2023 to 2025. For 2025, the company could go in different directions depending on how successful (or not) its strategy for 2023 and 2024 turns out to be.(Android Read more ›

12-22 #Positive : Samsung allegedly plans to launch a foldable laptop in 2023; OPPO has showcased a series of integrated glass concept products; OnePlus and OPPO have announced a new strategic partnership for the coming years; etc.

OnePlus and OPPO have announced a new strategic partnership for the coming years which will see OPPO invest CNY10B (USD1.43B) in OnePlus over the next 3 years. The new “dual-brand” strategy will see OnePlus as the pioneer brand for flagship Read more ›

12-10 #VideoGames : TSMC’s overall fab capacity utilization rate in 1H23 is expected to drop to 80%; Dutch officials are allegedly planning new controls on exports of chipmaking equipment to China; Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo have reportedly agreed to export devices made in India to their other markets; etc.

According to DigiTimes, TSMC’s overall fab capacity utilization rate in 1H23 is expected to drop to 80%, with the 7 / 6nm process capacity utilization rate falling further, and the 5 / 4nm capacity utilization rate declining MoM from Jan Read more ›

12-6 #Freedom : TSMC’s new Arizona plant will allegedly offer advanced 4nm chips; TSMC will build 1nm fab in Longtan; Apple has reportedly accelerated plans to shift some of its production outside China; etc.

Intel Research has showcased how Moore’s Law is alive and how Intel plans to offer next-gen chips with a Trillion transistors by 2030. Intel targets new 10x density improvement in packaging technology and uses novel material just 3 atoms thick Read more ›

12-3 #Codes : TSMC’s fab in Arizona will begin producing 4nm chips as soon as it opens in 2024; Samsung has removed BOE from its official suppliers’ list; OnePlus says it is committing to a 4-year plan for OS updates and a 5-year plan for security updates; etc.

Global semiconductor revenue is projected to decline 3.6% in 2023, according to the latest forecast from Gartner. In 2022, the market is on pace to grow 4% and total USD618B. Currently, the semiconductor market is polarized between the consumer-driven markets Read more ›