10-4 #EverythingisOK : TSMC will increase its wafer foundry quotation in 2023; India will release 5G networks in 13 cities first; Google Stadia is officially shutting down nearly 3 years after its launch; etc.

Nvidia has introduced NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, its next-generation centralized computer for safe and secure autonomous vehicles. DRIVE Thor, which achieves up to 2,000 teraflops of performance, unifies intelligent functions into a single architecture for greater efficiency and lower overall system Read more ›

9-18 #NotAlone : Intel introduces “Intel Processor”; Google is allegedly working on a compact Pixel smartphone codenamed “Neila”; Samsung may be planning to introduce the satellite connectivity feature; etc.

Intel introduces a new processor for the essential product space: Intel Processor. The new offering will replace the Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron branding in the 2023 notebook product stack. Intel Processor will serve as the brand name for multiple Read more ›

9-15 #LockDown : GM’s Cruise has developed its own chips for self-driving cars to be deployed by 2025; Foxconn and Vedanta Resources have signed a MoU; LG has successfully tested the wireless transmission and reception of 6G terahertz; etc.

According to Carl Jenkins, VP for Hardware Engineering of General Motors’ (GM) Cruise division, Cruise has developed its own chips for self-driving cars to be deployed by 2025, as they aim to bring down costs and scale up volume. Jenkins Read more ›

9-12 #MoonCake : EU antitrust regulators will not appeal a court ruling scrapping its fine against Qualcomm; TSMC 2nm process will be mass production in 2025; Royole Technology has recently been plunged into a new crisis; etc.

EU antitrust regulators will not appeal a court ruling scrapping its EUR997M (USD991M) fine against U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm because it would be difficult to convince Europe’s top court of the merits. Judges have also invalidated the Commission’s analysis that payments Read more ›

9-11 #Pray : Apple has reportedly added China’s YTMC to its list of NAND flash suppliers; Apple has announced its partnership with Globalstar; Tata Group is in talks with a Taiwanese supplier to Apple; etc.

Samsung Electronics sees the sharp downturn in chip sales extending into next year, the latest note of pessimism for a semiconductor industry reeling from a dramatic pullback in sales of PCs, smartphones and data servers. Kyung Kye-hyun, who heads Samsung’s Read more ›

9-5 #Nephew : TSMC plans to build 23 plants in 2020-2023; TSMC and UMC will see full capacity utilization for 22/28nm processes persist at least throughout 2022; Aurora may consider sell to Apple or Microsoft; etc.

OPPO announces Pantanal cross-platform system. Pantanal is claimed to be the first cross-platform system designed for different devices and systems to connect and collaborate. OPPO says that with cross-device sensing and computing capabilities, Pantanal can better understand and anticipate users’ Read more ›

9-3 #NewVocab : Meta and Qualcomm will cooperate in VR development; AMD and Nvidia have successively received notices to cut off the supply of high-end GPU chips to customers in China; Samsung Display transferred its patents in the US related to LCD to CSOT back in Jun 2022; etc.

Facebook parent company Meta and Qualcomm will cooperate in VR devices development. Meta and Qualcomm said in a statement that the companies’ engineering and product teams will work together to produce the chips. The chips will be powered by Qualcomm’s Read more ›

8-25 #GreenCode : Apple will be the first customer to use TSMC’s 3nm chips by the end of 2022; Samsung to expand semiconductor production capacity in South Korea; GF plans to raise prices for some of its manufacturing processes by up to 8% in 2023; etc.

Full-scale mass production of the 3nm node is not projected to begin until 2H23, and TSMC will also begin their N3E later in 2023. mportant customers for the 3nm node besides Apple include AMD, Broadcom, Intel, MediaTek, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. Read more ›

8-20 #CrappyIT : TSMC’s 3nm chip will be mass-produced in 2H22; Samsung aims to invest to increase 4nm production; Samsung has dropped its smartphone shipment to 260M units in 2022; etc.

According to SemiWiki’s Malcolm Penn, the current semiconductor Super Cycle is finally drawing to a close and the 17th market downturn has now well and truly started. At the macro level, the worldwide semiconductor momentum indicator, pictured above, passed through Read more ›

8-13 #Greeniseverything : India has not considered such proposals of restricting Chinese smartphone vendors from selling smartphones below INR12,000; Hyundai Motor Group has announced the launch of Boston Dynamics AI Institute; OPPO is allegedly working on 2 foldable smartphones to be launched internationally; etc.

OPPO is allegedly working on 2 foldable smartphones to be launched internationally. These may be called Find N Fold and Find N Flip, as these names have recently been trademarked with the EU Intellectual Property Office. The upcoming foldable phones Read more ›

8-10 #EveryDayPoked : US President Biden has signed CHIPS; The Indian government is seeking to restrict Chinese vendors from selling sub-INR12,000 smartphones; OPPO and OnePlus have stopped selling products through their German online stores; etc.

United States President Joe Biden has signed into law a bipartisan bill that aims to boost U.S. competitiveness with China. The bill includes more than USD52B for U.S. companies producing semiconductors, as well as billions more in tax credits to Read more ›

8-6 #Technologies : World chip sales growth has decelerated for 6 straight months; Sony expects demand for CIS for high-end smartphones to remain robust this year; Amazon has acquired iRobot; etc.

Apple has reportedly asked suppliers to ensure that shipments from Taiwan to China strictly comply with Chinese customs regulations. Apple has reportedly told suppliers that China has started strictly enforcing a long-standing rule that Taiwanese-made parts and components must be Read more ›