5-26 #Future : Samsung has already started the development of a 2nm chipset; Samsung Display is reportedly collaborating with Lenovo to develop slidable display devices; TCL has unveiled the world’s first 7.85” tri-foldable smartphone; etc.

Samsung Electronics has already started the development of a 2nm chipset as competition with Apple and TSMC heats up. Samsung has said it would mass-produce the 2nm process for mobile applications in 2025. The process is claimed to showcase a Read more ›

5-11 #GoHome : Apple reportedly has struck an agreement with Samsung Display for foldable display; Apple has cut its 2024 Vision Pro shipments to 400K–450K units; Apple is studying the possibility of working with an electric vehicle (EV) startup company; etc.

Apple reportedly has been working on its own chip designed to run artificial-intelligence (AI) software in data-center servers. Project ACDC (Apple Chips in Data Center) has been in the works for several years. Apple’s server chip will likely be focused Read more ›

5-5 #Embrace : Samsung is currently developing next-gen GAA technology; Two major international manufacturers in China have stopped updating their small foldable phone lines; Apple has allegedly renewed discussions with OpenAI; etc.

Samsung Electronics is currently developing next-generation “gate-all-around” (GAA) technology, aimed for application in the 2nm foundry processes it plans to mass produce in 2025. GAA technology is a next-generation transistor technology that regulates and amplifies or switches off the flow Read more ›

5-1 #HappyLaborDay : TSMC has announced its “A16” will enter production in 2H26; Samsung Electronics is deepening ties with Zeiss Group; ASML will no longer service certain chipmaking equipment purchased by Chinese customers; etc.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) has announced that a new chip manufacturing technology called “A16” will enter production in 2H26. The announced 1.6nm process relies on gate-all-around nanosheet transistors, just like the upcoming N2, N2P and N2X architectures based on Read more ›

4-26 #VIPs : vivo has unveiled “BlueImage” brand; Oura is aggressively expanding its retail footprint in the US; Meta has announced that the operating system Horizon OS; etc.

Qualcomm expands the Snapdragon X Series platform portfolio with Snapdragon X Plus. Snapdragon X Plus features the state-of-the-art Qualcomm Oryon CPU, a custom-integrated processor that delivers up to 37% faster CPU performance compared to competitors, while consuming up to 54% Read more ›

4-13 #Gamer : Apple is allegedly focusing on foldable products; OPPO, OnePlus, and realme are reportedly working on the ultrasonic FoD; Huawei is reportedly building a giant R&D center near Shanghai; etc.

Intel and Altera have announced new AI-optimized processors and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for edge computing. By introducing a range of edge-optimized Intel Core Ultra processors, Intel Core processors, and Intel Atom processors, alongside Agilex 5 FPGAs, the companies Read more ›

4-5 #Qingming : TSMC has resumed work at its fabrication sites in Taiwan after an earthquake-led shutdown; Infinix is allegedly developing its first foldable smartphone; Google is allegedly considering charging for AI-powered search; etc.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has resumed work at its fabrication sites in Taiwan after an earthquake-led shutdown. The company was able to recover quickly, with no damage to critical chipmaking equipment, ensuring minimal disruption to chip supply. Despite initial Read more ›

4-1 #Turbulence : The demand for mature wafer foundry processes is weak; GigaDevice plans to participate in CXMT’s latest capital increase; Micron said that its HBM production capacity in 2024 has already been sold out; etc.

In the era of rapid AI advancements, the need for more computing power has become crucial for future progress. With that, we will witness a drastic increase in transistor counts in semiconductors, potentially reaching the 1T mark by the end Read more ›

3-23 #LetItGo : MediaTek and Nvidia collaborate on Dimensity Auto Cockpit platforms; Samsung’s memory semiconductor business is reportedly expected to recover in 2024; Samsung is “reviewing” bringing Galaxy AI features to the Galaxy S22 series; etc.

Samsung Electronics will supply its next-generation Mach-1 artificial intelligence chips to Naver by the end of 2024 in a deal worth up to KRW1T (USD752M). With the contract, Naver will significantly reduce its reliance on Nvidia for AI chips. Samsung Read more ›

3-16 #Decade : MediaTek is now turning its focus to the fast-growing premium segment; SMIC is rumored to be assembling a team dedicated to 3nm chip development; Samsung is allegedly looking to bring back the squarish design for its smartwatches; etc.

According to Anku Jain, managing director, MediaTek India, MediaTek is now turning its focus to the fast-growing premium segment with its latest 5G chipsets, having attained a dominant 50% market share, outpacing rival Qualcomm in the highly competitive India smartphone Read more ›

3-10 #PricelessSmile : Apple is working on a 20.3” foldable screen MacBook; Huawei and vivo have signed a global patent cross-licensing agreement; Sony might be considering an exit from the Chinese smartphone market; etc.

The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) has signed an MoU with Qualcomm to provide wireless IC designers to stimulate innovation and accelerate commercialization as Qualcomm India is ramping up investments under a newly appointed leader.  Under the partnership, C-DOT, Read more ›

3-2 #Memories : Motorola has announced a new partnership with Corning; Xiaomi and Leica Camera AG have jointly established Xiaomi x Leica Optical Institute; OPPO is coming back to Europe after resolving a patent dispute with Nokia; etc.

MediaTek has launched the Helio G91 chipset, an upgrade from the Helio G88 introduced 3 years ago. This new system-on-chip (SoC) is designed to boost the performance and capabilities of budget smartphones, offering support for 90Hz FHD+ displays and a Read more ›

2-27 #SpoilMyself : Qualcomm has announced the Qualcomm AI Hub; Intel has revealed that Microsoft plans to use its services to manufacture a custom computing chip; Lenovo has revealed ThinkBook Transparent Display concept laptop; etc.

Qualcomm has announced the Qualcomm AI Hub, a library of pre-optimized models for deployment on Snapdragon and Qualcomm platforms. for developers. It allows developers to quickly implement AI models in their apps. The company says that these optimized models should Read more ›

2-14 #ValentinesDay : Samsung and Huawei are reportedly ramping up efforts to create new foldable designs; Some smartphone manufacturers are reportedly preparing to stop making exclusive partnerships for imaging systems; etc.

Facebook owner Meta Platforms allegedly plans to deploy into its data centers in 2024 a new version of a custom chip aimed at supporting its artificial intelligence (AI) push. The chip, a second generation of an in-house silicon line Meta Read more ›