10-26 #Whatsthepoint : Nvidia and AMD are reportedly planning to launch Arm-based CPUs; Samsung is allegedly planning to apply gOLED to the low-cost smartphone; Motorola has introduced a concept device equipped adaptive display technology; etc.

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagship platform. It all starts with the AI Engine, which supports multi-modal generative AI models and popular large language models for speech recognition – the chip can run up to 20 tokens Read more ›

10-13 #StayBlank : MediaTek has collaborated with OPPO and ColorOS; Huawei is reportedly to increase the shipment of its smartphone sales in 2024; vivo and Transsion are allegedly to unveil rollable phone by end of 2024; etc.

Qualcomm has announced its new Snapdragon X Series platform for PC. Snapdragon X Series features Qualcomm’s in-house built Oryon CPU, created by the Nuvia team of ex-Apple engineers that Qualcomm acquired in early 2021 for USD1.4B. The Snapdragon X series Read more ›

10-9 #BeGrateful : Samsung is reportedly developing a slim foldable laptop with a unique waterdrop hinge; Samsung ring to be delayed till 3Q24 or 1Q25; VinFast Auto is planning to set up assembly units in India and Indonesia; etc.

According to IDC VP Francisco Jeronimo, Google Pixel has shipped 37.9M phones in 2016-2023 – the entire lifecycle of the Pixel lineup thus far. Jeronimo notes that sales are growing in “double digits” in recent years. While that is not Read more ›

10-7 #CestLaVie : Intel will begin mass production of 1.8nm chips in 2025; Samsung is reportedly developing two near-1″ high-res CIS; Samsung is reportedy to increase prices of NAND products over 10% during 4Q23; etc.

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has announced global semiconductor industry sales totaled USD44.0B during the month of Aug 2023, an increase of 1.9% compared to the July 2023 total of USD43.2B but 6.8% less than the Aug 2022 total of Read more ›

10-6 #Holiday2Short : TSMC’s 2nm chips might be delayed until 2026; SMIC has reportedly placed big orders for the raw materials of HiSilicon Kirin 9000S chip; Google Pixel 8 series will be supported with 7 years of “OS, security, and Feature Drop updates”; etc.

TSMC’s highly anticipated 2nm chips might be delayed until 2026, despite initial promises of a 2025 launch. The move to 2nm is crucial for TSMC as it plans to transition from FinFET transistors to Gate-all-around (GAA) technology, aiming for lower Read more ›