4Q19 and 2019 Smartphone Market

Global smartphone shipment in 4Q19 has reached over 369M units, near 1% decline on year, but about 3% increase. Apple leads the market with more than 19% market share, slightly more than Samsung’s 18%. In 2019 overall, smartphone shipment has exceeded 1.37B units, a 2% decline on year. Samsung still leads the market in 2019 with more than 21% share. Huawei has exceeded Apple to be the 2nd largest vendor with more than 17% share in 2019.

In 4Q19, low-end ($100<$200) and mid-range ($200<$400) are still the mainstream, with near 60% combined market share. In 2019 overall, only the low-end ($100<$200) and high-end ($600<$800) have double-digit YoY growth, with 11% and 10%, respectively.

In 4Q19, Apple iPhone 11 is shipped the most, with the volume over 25M units globally, follows by the other 2 models—Pro Max and Pro. It is apparent that  on the top 20 models for 4Q19, other than Apple, the rest fall into the low-to-mid segment, including Samsung Galaxy A series, Redmi Note 8 series as well as OPPO A series.

In 2019, Apple monopolizes the high-end ($600<$800) and above segments with its iPhone XR (we believe this will be replaced by 11 in 2020) and 11 Pro Max. On the other hand, Samsung dominates the mid-range ($200<$400) and below with its mid-range and low-end Galaxy A series.

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