4Q18 and 2018 Smartphone Models

This report has used Canalys’ 4Q18 and 2018 data. The reasons behind the numbers may not be explained thoroughly in the report.

  • Apple iPhone is launched in 3Q17, yet it is still the highest shipped phone in 2018 with more than 36M units. Apple iPhone (8, X, 8 Plus and XR) owns 4 positions in the top 10 rank. Redmi 5A, launched in Nov 2017, leads the APAC market with more than 15M units. OPPO R15, launched in Apr 2018, leads the PRC market with more than 15M units. Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime leads the LATAM, ME and Africa markets even though it is an old model launched in end of 2016.
  • Apple iPhone XR is the best-selling model globally in 4Q18, with more than 22M units, driven mainly by NA, WE, and CE&E. Samsung Galaxy J series is popular in LATAM and ME markets. OPPO A3s, launched in Jul 2018, leads the APAC market, replacing Redmi 5A (the best selling model in 3Q18). Africa is still dominant by Transsion, with its sub-brands Tecno, Infinix, and iTel.
  • In 2018, Redmi 5A is the most popular model in below USD100, with more than 17M units shipped. In USD100~300, Samsung Galaxy J series is popular, while OPPO A series is also popular in USD100~200 segment. OPPO R15 is the leader among USD300~400, but Samsung Galaxy A series is gaining traction. Above USD500 is dominated by Apple iPhone series.
  • In 4Q18, Redmi 6A is dominant in below USD100 price segment, replacing Redmi 5A in 3Q18. In USD100~200 price segment, Samsung Galaxy J4+ (Oct 2018 launched) reaches 7M units. In the USD300~400 price segment, OPPO R17 (Sept 2018 launched) and Samsung Galaxy A7 (Oct 2018 launched) are leading the USD300~400 price segment. Apple iPhone series is leading the price segments of above USD400.
  • Table here illustrates the top 1 model in 2018 and 4Q18 corresponding to different regions by different price bands.


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