2Q18 Smartphone Market

The data used in this report is from Canalys’ 2Q18 smartphone models shipment.

  • In 2Q18, global smartphone shipment exceeds 339M units, mere 0.8% up on quarter, but 1.1% down on year. Samsung continues to lead the market with 21% share. Huawei’s 16% share beats Apple’s 12% market share. In top 10 brands, Samsung and LG shipment has declined compared to same period last year. On the other hand, Lenovo and Nokia (HMD) year-on-year growth is at least 2-fold.
  • In 2Q18, Asia Pacific (mainly India) and Greater China still hold the biggest market share, with 25% and 31% share, respectively. However, YoY growth of Asia Pacific is still double-digit, yet Greater China shipment is declining compared to last year. Emerging markets including Central & Eastern Europe and Africa the other two regions that are still growing.
  • In 2Q18, Samsung still leads the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Latin America regions. However, its leadership is being challenged by Chinese vendors—Xiaomi is catching up in Asia Pacific, Huawei is challenging its Europe markets, and Lenovo is growing fast in Latin America. In African region, Transsions’ brands including Tecno, iTel and Infinix are still performing well.
  • Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo focus on the same market—Greater China. More than 70% shipment is at Greater China for OPPO and vivo, with Asia Pacific share is growing slowly in 2Q18. North America is vital for both LG and Apple, with near 50% and 45% share, respectively in 2Q18. Latin America is growing fast for Lenovo, in 2Q18 its share has grown to more than 60%.
  • In 2Q18, low-end segment (below US$200) is still the mainstream market, owning 47% of the market share, yet its YoY growth is declining. On the other hand, mid-to-high segment (US$200-400) market share is growing compared to last year, nearing 30% market share. Similarly, super high-end segment (US$800 above) also grows a lot, nearing 9% market share.
  • Samsung and Apple with their new flagships, their share of US$850 above price segment have increased to 10% and 35%, respectively in 2Q18. Each price segment below US$350 for Huawei has similar share. The US$300-400 price segment for OPPO and vivo are relatively bigger compared to other vendors. Xiaomi still focuses on below US$200 with 80% share. Lenovo’s focus is on below US$250, while LG’s slightly higher with its below US$300 price segments.
  • In 2Q18, Apple iPhone 8, X and 8 Plus still lead the global smartphone market , especially at the North America region. OPPO R15 follows behind Apple iPhone series, thanks to its huge sale in Greater China region. Samsung Galaxy J series is very popular in emerging markets—Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Middle East. Huawei P20 Lite beats Apple iPhone X in Western Europe. Xiaomi Redmi 5A still leads the Asia Pacific region.

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