CES 2018 Quick Recap: 7 Major Observations

This recap report is mainly summarizing some of the major (remote) observations. The examples shown are far from exhaustive. For each category, a data is presented to provide an idea how the particular segment is performing in the market. Last year recap is available here.

  • Chipset vendors integrating AI functionality (neural processing unit, deep learning, etc.) in their chipset to bring the AI capability to all sorts of applications.
  • Smart virtual assistant is the main interface to the AI functionality, and will penetrate the smartphone, smart home, and automotive, with the deep collaboration between semiconductor and device vendors.
  • A number of vendors are touting their own smart speakers supporting Amazon Alexa or Google Asssistant. Also, Google is launching new product line namely Smart Display.
  • A number of smart home products are launched, in particular home monitoring. Smart voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are integrated in these products.
  • Major virtual reality (VR) hardware vendors including HTC, Facebook are showing their future ambitions. Augmented reality (AR) hardware vendors are emerging.
  • Semiconductor vendors, especially chipset and display vendors are showing their intention to bloom in automotive segment, by announcing collaborations with major automotive vendors.
  • Leaders of smartphone vendors have voiced their future strategy, and other than Sony and other smaller vendors, new products launch need to wait till MWC 2018.

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