01-09 CES 2018: Explosive amount of information — wearables, smart home, automotive all have new announcement; Qualcomm, Intel, Rockchip, and NVIDIA all have their own stuff; etc.


IEEE is now working on the next gen Wi-Fi standard named 802.11ax which will offer up to 40% faster data transfer speed when compared to the current 801.11ac standard. Intel has now announced that its 802.11ac chipsets will be released in 2018. Intel will expand its home Wi-Fi portfolio with new 802.11ax chipsets for mainstream 2×2 and 4×4 home routers and gateways for cable, xDSL, fiber and consumer retail devices.  (Digital Trends, Techspot, MS Poweruser, Hot Hardware, Intel, East Day, My Drivers)

IC testing solution provider Chunghwa Precision Test Tech (CHPT) is expected to see its revenues expand by over 40% sequentially in 1Q18, buoyed by shipments of solutions for the manufacture of 7nm chips starting in 1Q18, according to Digitimes. (Digitimes, press, China Times)

[CES2018] Qualcomm has announced that its Smart Audio Platform has been qualified by Amazon for the Alexa Voice Service (AVS). This reference platform incorporates the hardware and software building-blocks required to facilitate rapid commercialization of smart speaker and networked audio solutions. (Qualcomm, Android Authority, PR Newswire, Droid-Life)

Intel is staring down class action lawsuits in California, Indiana, and Oregon over the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities exposed in modern processors, which can be used to access restricted memory in unpatched devices. (Apple Insider, NY Times, The Guardian, Qianlong, Engadget CN, Sohu)

[CES2018] Rockchip is introducing an updated version of its RK3399 processor (RK3399Pro) and the key new feature is a new Neural Network Processing Unit (NPU). The company says the new RK3399Pro processor offers up to 2.4 TOPs of performance. (CN Beta, Liliputing, Kaixian, PR Newswire)

The company behind Z-Wave, Sigma Designs, is announcing a new chip today that it claims can get more than 10 years of battery life out of a single coin-cell battery. Sigma says the chip, known as the Z-Wave 700 Series, has 300 feet of range, so it can work for gadgets placed outside the home and far off into the yard, too. (CN Beta, CNET, The Verge)

[CES2018] NVIDIA has unveiled the next generation of its autonomous driving stack powered by Xavier. Xavier has more than 9B transistors with a custom 8-core CPU, a 512-core Volta GPU, an 8K HDR video processor, a deep-learning accelerator, new computer-vision accelerators, and the ability to perform 30T operations per second (TOPS) on 30W of power. (CN Beta, ZDNet, Engadget, NVIDIA, WCCFTech)

[CES2018] NVIDIA is launching Drive IX and Drive AR—Drive IX is the artificial intelligence layer that Nvidia says will enable automakers to incorporate automotive data into the user experience and operational controls of the vehicle; Drive AR  is geared toward infotainment applications and will essentially fuse computer vision, computer graphics and AI to power augmented reality interfaces inside a vehicle. NVIDIA also announces that in total, over 320 partners are working with Nvidia on autonomous driving. (CN Beta, NVIDIA, Yahoo, TechCrunch, ZDNet)

[CES2018] NVIDIA will team up with Volkswagen to add artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to the German automaker’s future models. The 2 companies said this will take the form of “intelligent co-pilot” systems, but didn’t offer many specifics on exactly what tech they envisioned. (Digital Trends, NVIDIA, Reuters CN)

[CES2018] Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has promised that the company will patch 90% of all Meltdown / Spectre affected processors made in the past 5 years by 12 Jan 2018, and the remaining 10% by the end of Jan 2018. (Engadget, TechCrunch, TNW, Jiweinet)

[CES2018] Qualcomm has announced 2 Qualcomm Home Hub platforms supporting Google’s Android Things. Based on the Qualcomm SDA624 and SDA212 system on chips (SoCs), these platforms are designed to help developers and OEMs to quickly and cost-effectively develop home hubs featuring Google services such as the Google Assistant.  (Android Authority, Qualcomm, ZDNet)

Touch Display

[CES2018] LG Display (LGD) will be demonstrating the new 65” rollable OLED prototype, which also happens to have UHD (4K) resolution. It rolls into its own rectangular storage bin when not in use.  (Jiweinet, Engadget, Hot Hardware, CNET)

[CES2018] HARMAN is taking Samsung’s QLED panels into the automobile, with QLED Auto. HARMAN and Samsung have partnered up to bring QLED displays into the car, while also using advanced flexible and transparent OLEDs.  (Android Headlines, Business Wire, Channel News)

[CES2018] Samsung is showcasing a 146” 4K TV dubbed The Wall, which the company claims the first MicroLED TV. It is using a “module-based” design that consists of several smaller display panels. (Digital Trends, CNET, Ars Technica, Samsung, Sina, CNMO)


[CES2018] HP has a standalone version of the Sprout’s 3D scanner called the HP Z 3D Camera, which features a 14MP down-facing camera that can capture 2D images. The camera also features SLAMscan technology to provide 3D scanning capability. (CN Beta, Ars Technica, Engadget, Slash Gear, CNET)

[CES2018] EyeVision has been enhanced to support the Intel Real Sense D-400. The 3D command set of the EyeVision 3D software allows users to capture 3D images and process point clouds with the Intel sensor. (Digital Trends, Automation, Brinkwire)


Micron and Intel have agreed to complete development of their 3rd generation of 3D NAND technology, which will be delivered toward the end of this year and extending into early 2019. Beyond that technology node, both companies will develop 3D NAND independently in order to better optimize the technology and products for their individual business needs.  (CN BetaAnandTech, Barron’s, NASDAQ, Micron)


Digitial camera ODM and digital imaging solution provider Altek will showcase AL6100, a 3D-depth sensing and algorithm chip solution. It is combined with infrared light control to enhance quality of information on depth of images and depth computing and will come into production in 1Q18. (Digitimes, press, Apple Daily)

[CES2018] Coming from L’Oréal-owned skincare brand La Roche-Posay, UV Sense is a battery-free wearable electronic sensor that can measure UV exposure and store up to 3 months worth of data. It is less than 2mm thick and and 9mm in diameter, and designed to be worn on thumbnail and lasts for up to 2 weeks. (Digital Trends, Allure, PR Newswire, Haoyiz)


Powermat, which has long pushed the Power Matters Association (PMA) wireless charging standard as Qi’s primary competitor, will join the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). WPC is the developer of Qi wireless charging, the dominant standard. Powermat will contribute its technology to the WPC and develop chargers that support both standards. (Android Authority, The Verge, NDTV, Ars Technica, Powermat, iFeng, Sohu)


Apple’s next-generation iPhone SE allegedly may feature the same style of glass back as the iPhone X, possibly signaling the addition of wireless charging to the device. (Apple Insider, Tekz24, Sina)

Metal chassis makers, including Taiwan-based Casetek Holdings, China-based AAC Technologies and Singapore-based Hi-P Electronics, are expected to join the race to compete for smartphone chassis orders from Apple in 2018. (Digitimes, press, Money Link, CN Beta)


[CES2018] Oledcomm debuts what it claims is the first Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)-connected object. It is called MyLiFi, and offers wireless, radiowave-free internet at the speed of light, and all from an attractive LED lamp.  It plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in Jan 2018 and will set preorder prices at USD500 (or EUR499). (Digital Trends, CNET, VentureBeat, Wosku)

[CES2018] Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that sets standards for Wi-Fi safety and is made up of members such as Apple, Samsung and Intel, has unveiled a new security protocol called WPA3. It is the successor to the WPA2 technology that often see when signing on to a new Wi-Fi network, and protects nearly every modern phone, computer and router on a network. (CN Beta, ZDNet, CNET, Tom’s Hardware)


OPPO has confirmed that starting from the summer of 2018, it will start officially selling its smartphones in Spain. The company is not only targetting Spain, countries like Italy and France are still on its radar.  (GizChina, Telecom Paper, EULAM)

[CES2018] DJI is introducing a new smartphone stabilizer Osmo Mobile 2. It has DJI’s proprietary SmoothTrack technology built in, plus a 3-axis gimbal that compensates for any juddery movements or camera positions. It is priced at USD129. (Pocket-Lint, Engadget, The Verge, Sohu)

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 80% of smartphones shipped will have on-device AI capabilities, up from 10 percent in 2017. On-device AI is currently limited to premium devices and provides better data protection and power management than full cloud-based AI, since data is processed and stored locally. (Gartner, press, report, Sohu, Sina)

[CES2018] AT&T is rumored to begin selling the Huawei Mate 10 in Feb 2018. AT&T has allegedly walked away from a deal to sell smartphones made by Huawei. (Android Authority, WSJ, The Verge, Tencent)

[CES2018] Sony unveils 3 new smarpthones: Xperia XA2 Ultra – 6” FHD, Qualcomm Snapdragon 630, rear 23MP f/2.3 + front 16MP, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, Android 8.0, 3300mAh. Xperia XA2 – 5.2” FHD, Qualcomm Snapdragon 630, rear 23MP f/2.3 + front 8MP, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, Android 8.0, 3300mAh. Xperia L2 – 5.5” FHD, MediaTek MT6737T, rear 13MP + front 8MP, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, Android 7.1.1, 3300mAh.  (Android Headlines, Android Authority, Business Insider, TechRadar)

PCs / Tablets

[CES2018] Tablet: Samsung unveils Samsung Flip digital flip chart display featuring 55” UHD display, powered by Samsung Tizen 3.0, equipped with 8GB storage. (Android Headlines, Samsung, Geeky Gadgets, Sohu)

[CES2018] Amazon will partner with some of the biggest manufacturers of Microsoft Windows systems to bring full Alexa support to Windows 10. Companies such as Acer, ASUS, HP, and Lenovo are all on course to deliver Windows 10 machines with Alexa pre-installed later in 2018. (Android Authority, Thurott, Sohu, TMT Post, iFeng)

[CES2018] Lenovo is launching Lenovo Smart Display, supporting Google Assistant, equipped with FHD touchscreen,  5MP front camera, powered by Qualcomm Home Hub Platform based on Snapdragon 624 SoC. The device comes in both 8” and 10” models and priced at USD200 and USD250, respectively. (TechCrunch, Android Authority, GSM Arena, Lenovo, CN Beta)

[CES2018] Google is introducing a new Smart Display platform, which will support Google Assistant. The company also has confirmed that companies like JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony will launch such products later in 2018. (Google, Google, CN Beta, TechNode, The Verge, GSM Arena)


Doki Technologies releases the second generation of its kids smartwatch, the dokiWatch S. It is aimed at children aged 6-12, joins the long list of connected tech making use of Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The wearable includes a two-way video call functionality wherein either the parent or the child can initiate the call.  (Android Headlines, Wearable)

[CES2018] Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is announced, which can store up to 500 songs at one time, and can also download offline playlists from select music services like iHeartRadio. It can track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed, pace, and heart rate. It is priced at USD450. (Digital Trends, ZDNet, Ars Technica, The Verge, Android Authority)

[CES2018] Swiss watch company MyKronoz unveils the ZeTime hybrid smartwatch. It runs a proprietary smartwatch OS, offers basic smartwatch functions, and claims to offer up to 3 days of battery life and up to 30 days of battery life for the analog hands. It is priced from USD199. (Android Headlines, The Verge, Deccan Chronicle, CN Beta)

[CES2018] JBL announces 3 headphones with Google Assistant built-in – Everest 110GA, promising 8 hours of battery life with USD100; Everest 310GA with 20 hours of battery life at USD200; and, Everest 710GA, with 25 hours battery life at USD250. (Android Central, 9to5Google)

[CES2018] Pimax is unveiling the near-final version of its 8K VR headset V5. The headset was supposed to be shipped to backers in Dec 2017. The company has acknowledged that the shipment will be delayed. (Android Headlines, Mysmartprice, VentureBeat, Pimax)

[CES2018] Omate has announced the partnership with Arkea insurance and Medical Guardian delivering a new smartwatch and Wearable-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform. It is introducing a standalone, Android-powered smartwatch O5LW, which includes a variety of features driven by Arkea on Life secured location-based services. (Android Headlines, Medical Guardian)

[CES2018] Zhor Tech has brought the next innovative step in shoe evolution with smart shoe insole. It is used by placing it inside of a shoe and will that not only boasts of integrated coaching, but also a smart adaptive cushioning as well which will do its bit to prevent injuries when pound the pavement to lose some weight.  (Android Headlines, Ubergizmo, Engadget, Huanqiu)

[CES2018] HTC unveils Vive Pro, featuring dual-OLED 2880× 1600 displays (each eye 1440× 1600 615ppi display). HTC has also redesigned Vive Pro head strap and added built-in headphones. (Android Headlines, The Verge, Variety, CNFOL, 163)

[CES2018] Toothbrush producer Kolibree is introducing the Magik Toothbrush, aims to make dental hygiene fun for children, with the augmented reality-enabled cleaning device turning the chore into a game that provides AR rewards if the child cleans their teeth properly.  (CN Beta, CNET, Apple Insider)

After GoPro announced the grounding of is drone efforts, GoProhas allegedly hired J.P. Morgan Chase to look for a buyer. According to a statement from GoPro, however, the company is not actively seeking out a buyer. (Digital Trends, CNBC, CN Beta)

[CES2018] Facebook VP of VR announces that Xiaomi is Facebook’s partner for launching Oculus Go globally. Oculus called Xiaomi’s device “a VR headset based on Oculus technology exclusively for the Chinese market” and said the product will support Oculus’s mobile software developer kit. (CN Beta, CNBC, TechCrunch, Oculus)

[CES2018] Jabra Elite 65t is announced, supporting 5 hours of battery life, which has built-in Alexa integration, and “one-touch access” to Siri and Google Assistant. (CN Beta, Pocket-Lint, The Verge, CNET)

[CES2018] Omron, makers of medical-grade blood pressure monitors, have a fitness watch coming in 2018, called the Omron HeartGuide. It has an extra-stiff band that actually inflates to take an oscillometric measurement like a normal doctor’s blood pressure cuff, and syncs to Omron app. (CN Beta, CNET, Android Headlines)

[CES2018] Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis, self-confessed ‘fitness fanatics’ and the founders of Bodybuilding.com have created Black Box VR, a fully automated cable resistance machine that combines VR hardware with original VR e-sport software powered by HTC Vive.  (Digital Trends, Dmarge, VR Focus, Boxuu)

Internet of Things

The North American unit of former Samsung subsidiary Hanwha Techwin has announced a new lineup of indoor security cameras in the form of the Wisenet-SmartCam N1 and Wisenet-SmartCam N2, as well as an Internet-enabled doorbell called the Wisenet-SmartCam D1. (Android Headlines, Security Sales)

IHS Markit releases white paper to discuss 8 trends of global technology in 2018. (IHS Markit, press, Jiweinet)

[CES2018] Samsung has revealed a next-gen version of its Family Hub smart refrigerator, which supports Bixby voice assistant and integrates AKG speakers. It can connect to and control devices that are part of the SmartThings smart home ecosystem. (Android Headlines, The Verge, The Sun, iFeng, CN Beta)

[CES2018] iHome debuts iGV1, which integrates the Google Assistant into an alarm clock form factor that features a at-a-glance clock and next alarm display and an integrated snooze button. (Android Headlines, 9to5Google, PR Newswire)

[CES2018] Kitchen and bathroom fixture producer Kohler has created its own smart home platform, Kohler Konnect, which allows some of its products to communicate with HomeKit and other smart home frameworks, as well as offering control via an iPhone app and through voice commands.  (Apple Insider, Kohler, CN Beta)

[CES 2018] Accessories maker Elgato has expanded its HomeKit-enabled product offering announcing the debut of a revamped “Eve Room” sensor with embedded e-ink display and “Eve Button”, a new wireless device capable of triggering HomeKit scenes remotely. (Apple Insider, Mac Rumors, Macw)

 [CES2018] Alarm.com has now revealed a 2nd-generation of its thermostat. In addition to performing the standard thermostat functions, the new device will also automate some preventative actions, while also alerting homeowners to problems ranging from HVAC failures to flooding and mold prevention. (Android Headlines, NASDAQ, CNET)

[CES2018] HARMAN is announcing the next generation of its Ignite Secure Cloud Platform, which is made for automotive OEM’s to use in its vehicles. Currently, the platform is being used by 29 OEMs, and it delivers HARMAN’s Remote Vehicle Updating over-the-air solution, which itself is being used by 18 OEMs.  (Android Headlines, Channel News)

[CES2018] New Garmin Speak Plus is announced, which has a built-in dash cam that automatically records drives and saves video clips when an incident happens. The addition of the dash cam also means that the Speak Plus now offers features like collision warnings and alerts when traffic up ahead had started moving again. (Android Headlines, Garmin, The Verge, Baijiahao)

[CES2018] Belkin is launching new Wemo Bridge, which now features compatibility with Apple Homekit platform, meaning that all of the smart accessories can be added to preset Home app scenes. (Apple Insider, Amazon, CN Beta)

[CES2018] Netatmo’s indoor security camera, the Welcome, will be getting Apple HomeKit support later in 1Q18. The Welcome’s motion detection will let it operate as a trigger for HomeKit scenes. (Apple Insider, Netatmo)

[CES2018] Orbit has announced 2 new products and an integration with Apple HomeKit, with the B-hyve hose Faucet Timer offered as a simple way to add timing functionality to an existing sprinkler system, the B-hyve Indoor brings the ability to manage the sprinklers inside the house, and HomeKit support makes it all controllable through the Home app.  (Apple Insider, B-hyve)

[CES2018] Abode Systems has announced the iota, an all-in-one security camera that is designed to offer security and integration with other smart home products. It features a 1080p camera for home monitoring, along with a built-in gateway that supports Z-Wave, ZigBee, and abode RF for connecting to hundreds of other devices.  (CN Beta, Digital Trends, 9to5Mac, CNET)

[CES2018] French startup Ingenious Things is launching Myteepi Woody, which is packed with sensors that offer all-in-one monitoring for temperature, humidity and motion, and keep an ear out for the sound of alarms. It can run on a pair of AA batteries for 8 months because it is using SigFox low-power radio network.  (CN Beta, CNET, Ubergizmo)

[CES2018] Ring is providing homeowners with 360º of security solutions. The company is introducing smart lights, as well as indoor and outdoor cameras, to its so-called Ring of Security. The company also announced that its professionally monitored home security system, Ring Alarm. (Digital Trends, Ring)

[CES2018] GE Appliances today revealed its Kitchen Hub, a 27” device that replaces the range hood above the oven and stove. The Kitchen Hub will control other GE appliances, show your calendar, and provide access to smart home devices like security cameras. (Digital Trends, VentureBeat)

[CES2018] Nokia is launching Nokia Sleep mattress pad, which is Wi-Fi enabled, capable of delivering personalized sleep analysis and the ability to control smart home through IFTTT integration. Nokia’s Health Mate app is also now compatible with Amazon Alexa. (Digital Trends, The Verge, CNET, Sohu, Sina)

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