09-17: Haitong Securities consolidating 3D imaging sensors forecast, supply chain and component costs; etc.


Google’s Cliff Young shared details about the company’s original TPU (Tensor Processor Unit), but most importantly, the company also revealed more details about the Cloud TPU, otherwise known as TPU v2, featuring dual cores with one 128x128x32b MXU apiece. Both the scalar unit and the MXU can handle 32-bit floating point operations, and each chip provides up to 45TFLOPS. (Laoyaoba, Tom’s Hardware, AnandTech, Digitimes)

In regards to artificial intelligence (AI) development, Powerchip founder and CEO Frank Huang indicates that without Big Data, there will not be AI, which requires analysis on the Big Data to provide reference for decision. Memory, CPU, communication and sensors are AI’s 4 must-have chipsets. (Laoyaoba, EEPW, SEMI, CNA)

Touch Display

Because of its Gen-8 OLED production increases, LG Display (LGD) revenues and profit will likely increase. The orders in 2017 placed by Sony and Panasonic for LGD are higher than 2016. Additionally, Chinese TV vendors also consider launching high-end OLED TV. Currently, LGD is the only large-sized OLED maker worldwide. LGD has begun 2nd-phase investment in its E4 production line in 3Q17, which is a Gen-8 OLED line. After trial production I n3Q17, E4 line will enter full production in 4Q17. LGD has produced 900K OLED TV panels in 2016, in 2017 expects to increase to 1.7M units, and in 2018 targets 2.5M units.  (Sigma Intell, Laoyaoba)


Apple iPhone X / 8 series cameras are using larger area, speedier image sensor component, and has a new color filter and a deeper pixel. These upgrades allow the iPhone X / 8 series cameras to have better color reproduction, as well as better low light imaging. A11 processor has Apple’s self R&D ISP chip, greatly improving the iPhone X / 8 series camera system image processing performance. (My Drivers, Huanqiu, Sina)


In a global automotive market worth than USD2.3T, the little world of automotive sensors has recently been shaken up by the emergence of electric and autonomous cars. Despite just 3% growth in the volume of cars sold expected through to 2022, Yole Développement expects an average growth rate in sensors sales volumes above 8% over the next 5 years, and above 14% growth in sales value.  (China Times, Yole Development, press)

According to Haitong Securities, by 2020 the global market size of smartphone equipped with 3D sensors will reach USD992.5B, in particular front structured light market size will be USD667.8B, and rear TOF (time-of-flight) market size will be USD324.7B. (LJZ Forum, report, report, China FPD)

Haitong Securities has compared the 3 types of 3D imaging sensor technologies: structured light, time-of-flight (ToF) and stereoscopic vision. (LJZ Forum, report, report, China FPD)

Haitong Securities expects Apple’s mobile 3D sensor structured light component would be about USD15, in particular the 3D image sensor is USD3, TX is about USD7, RX about USD3, and system module would be about USD2. (LJZ Forum, report, report, China FPD)

Haitong Securities has consolidated the overall 3D sensor structured light supply chain. (LJZ Forum, report, report, China FPD)


Different from Samsung’s latest wireless charging (10W), Apple’s 7.5W wireless charging has different usage experience. Samsung’s mobile and charging pad’s TX and RX must meet to charge, yet Apple’s 7.5W, which is equipped with 16 wireless charging circular circuits does not. (EEPW, EE World, Laoyaoba, Sohu)


Meizu announces stops selling and recalls all the Flow ear phones, then promises to provide consumers Knowles earphones. Meizu stops Flow because 1. Knowles is too costly, and 2. the dumped material already costs too much. (My Drivers, Sina)

Internet of Things

2017 has already been dubbed “the year of the voice interface”. The year started out with voice activation front-and-center at CES in Las Vegas, and this remained so mid-year at MWC in Shanghai. This appellation is further underpinned by the number of Internet and technology giants that are constantly joining the race to construct the perfect speaker-based personal assistant. (EET Taiwan, Embedded, Laoyaoba, CEVA)

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