01-27 Week: Happy CNY, let’s quickly recap last week – A series of financial reports, continuous disputes of Qualcomm and Apple; etc.

Happy Chinese New! Wish everyone dreams come true in this prosperous new year. Let’s quickly recap last week:


  • Qualcomm say the company is considering filing its own lawsuits in response, whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, as well as trying to get Apple’s case dismissed, and will continue supply Apple
  • Samsung is reportedly aiming to begin production of 7nm chips in early 2018
  • UMC will begin commercial shipments of chips built using 14nm FinFET technology at the end of 1Q17
  • Foxconn estimates will spend USD7B to build a display manufacturing plant for its subsidiary, Sharp
  • Canon will consider investing in Toshiba’s semiconductor business to help the company secure funds
  • SK Hynix is looking to complete development of its 72-layer 3D NAND in 2017
  • Xiaomi global VP Hugo Barra announced that he was leaving the company
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Hugo Barra, former global VP of Xiaomi, will joining Facebook as a VP of Oculus VR
  • Samsung has outlined its business strategy for 2017 and indicates that AI, display products and improving its entry level devices will be key focus areas
  • “We want to grow into top two market share, and, in the future, top one by 2021,” says Huawei’s consumer head Richard Yu
  • Apple is joining the Partnership on AI


  • Chinese government has released a semiconductor development plan that worth USD150B
  • Qualcomm has just posted their earnings for the FY 1Q17 (Oct~Dec 2016), raked in USD6B in total revenues
  • MediaTek has posted a total revenue for 4Q16 of NTD68.68B
  • Intel set a new record for revenue for 4Q16, coming in at USD16.4B
  • UMC’s 4Q16 consolidated revenue was NTD38.31B
  • LG Display (LGD) has reported record 4Q16 profits of KRW904.3B (USD778.33M)
  • SK Hynix saw its operating profits surge to KRW1.54T (USD1.33B) in 4Q16
  • Samsung posted KRW53.33T in consolidated revenue and KRW9.22T (USD7.93B) in operating profit for 4Q16
  • Google’s parent company, Alphabet, recorded USD5.3B in net income for 4Q16 that ended on 31 Dec 2016
  • Microsoft announced the following results for the quarter ended 31 Dec 2016, posting USD26.1Bin revenue

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