01-20 Week: Chinese New Year is really coming, last week recap – FTC sues Qualcomm, Apple sues Qualcomm, Qualcomm says Apple’s lawsuit is baseless; Samsung filed request with ICC after its 3 former partners that stopped supplying LCD panels; etc.

Chinese New Year is really coming soon. Let’s take a look at last week recap:


  • The U.S. Federal Trade Commission launched a lawsuit against Qualcomm
  • Apple’s complaint comes after the FTC also filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm
  • Qualcomm suggests that Apple’s ‘baseless’ attacks were behind the FTC’s charges
  • TSMC seemingly confirmed that it plans to introduce an enhanced variant of its 16nm manufacturing technology, though it is not clear if the technology will, in fact, be marketed as 12nm
  • Director of IDC China brand Antonio Wang Jiping indicates that in 2017 there would be at least 2 vendors or Chinese vendors launching foldable phones
  • Xiaomi recently has received a patent for a brand new handset to sport a flexible / wraparound display
  • Japan Display Inc. (JDI) has now started mass producing 5” displays with a pixel density over 500ppi
  • Samsung reportedly filed an arbitration request with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in New York City after its 3 former partners stopped supplying it with LCD panels
  • Toshiba is considering to spin off its chip business and sell a partial stake in the unit to Western Digital
  • Tsinghua Unigroup’s planned manufacturing site in Nanjing will cover an area of about 100 hectares, and total investment in the site is estimated at around USD30B
  • The risk for the global handset industry to brace for a shortage in supplies of some key components, according to Digitimes


  • Huawei consumer business revenue sets 2017 revenue target at USD33B
  • Worldwide semiconductor revenue totaled USD339.7B in 2016, a 1.5% increase from 2015 revenue of USD334.8B, according to Gartner
  • DSCC estimates global shipments of OLED panels will increase from 389M units in 2016 to 134B units in 2021

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