01-06 Week: This is a fruitful week thanks to CES 2017, and let’s have a quick recap

This is a fruitful week thanks to CES 2017, and let’s have a quick recap:

  • Chipset vendors entering and competing in AI, automotive segments—Qualcomm and Volkswagen; Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A; Intel working with BMW; Intel Go; Nvidia and Audi, Merdes-Benz; Nvidia Xavier; Nvidia ProAI; etc.
  • Automotive vendors showcasing their “smart” cars—Faraday Future FF91, Toyota Concept I, Honda NeuV, Chrysler Portal, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence is everywhere—Amazon Alexa entering Lenovo, Emotech, Whirlpool, LG, Volkswagen; Google Assistant entering Nvidia Spot, etc.
  • Fashion and sports vendors entering smartwatch segment—Casio, Garmin, New Balance, Misfit, Fossil, etc.
  • VR is still vital, but AR is making a comeback—Acer, Dell, HP and 3Glasses Windows Holographic VR; ODG, Lenovo, Vuzix Lumus AR glasses; etc.
  • Phone vendors still show their products, though it is basically a car exhibition—TCL’s BlackBerry Mercury; ASUS ZenFone AR supporting Tango and Daydream; Dual-camera ASUS ZenFone Zoom; ZTE mid-range dual-camera Blade V8 Pro; HiSense shockproof Rock and Rock Mini; HMD’s Nokia 6; etc.
  • Phone vendor executives sharing their thoughtsZTE US CEO Lixin Cheng indicates that ZTE does not pursue a premium product, and its product positioning is “value for money”; Lenovo COO Gianfranco Lanci indicates that the merging of Motorola and Lenovo can be said as 100% completed; Coolpad CEO Liu Jiangfeng indicates that he thinks current phones are getting “marginalized”; etc.

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