12-30 Week: Let’s wish you a Happy New Year beforehand! And now let’s review last week.

Let’s wish you a Happy New Year beforehand! And now let’s review last week:


  • Qualcomm Incorporated has entered into a new 3G/4G Chinese Patent License Agreement with Gionee and Meizu separately
  • South Korea’s antitrust regulator has fined a record KRW1.03T on Qualcomm Inc. for violating antitrust law
  • Samsung Display will outsource some part of its LCD TV panel production to China Star Optoelectronics (CSOT)
  • China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) in late Nov. 2016 started construction of an 11G LCD factory with monthly production capacity of 140,000 glass substrates in Shenzhen
  • JDI announced the commencement of mass production at its newly-constructed LTPS LCD line in its Hakusan Plant
  • BOE has begun construction of Gen-6 (B11) flexible AMOLED fab in Mianyang, Sichuan
  • Hon Hai Precision Industry plans to turn an LCD screen joint venture with Sharp into a subsidiary, investing a total of JPY52.1B (USD447M)
  • Sharp is likely to increase its investment in Japan-based lens module maker Kantatsu
  • SK hynix aims to become the first chipmaker to mass-produce the most-advanced 72-layer 3D-NAND chips from 2H17
  • Samsung upcoming phones in the Galaxy A series in 2017 will be water-resistant
  • A lot of upstream suppliers of Apple indicate they do not have plan to build facilities in U.S
  • OPPO is planning an industrial park in Greater Noida India which will house a manufacturing unit


  • TrendForce finds that the share of In-Cell products in the global smartphone display market will expand to 29.6% by 2017
  • Visibility of component orders from Huawei, Xiaomi and LeEco for 1Q17 has become weak recently, cited by Digitimes
  • According to Digitimes, Huawei, OPPO and vivo, are expected to ship a combined over 500M smartphones
  • Ericsson’s 10 hot consumer trends in 2017
  • “Wall Street Journal” has listed a series of technologies that will change our lives in 2017

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