11-11 Week: It is another week fill with tons of information, let’s quickly review and move on to another week—LeEco incidents, all sorts of flexible / full-display info, etc.

It is another week fill with tons of information, let’s quickly review and move on to another week—


  • LeEco incidents—LeEco CEO Jia Yueting admitted the holding company has been expanding too fast, and requires reflection; LeEco denied the news of “LeEco owes suppliers more than CNY10B, and the said suppliers already stop supplying components to LeEco”; LeEco is focusing on building more healthy financial operation; car was a “highest priority” and would continue
  • A series of info about flexible display, full display or bezel-less display—Huawei is allegedly working on a concept phone with ‘quad-edge screen’; Samsung and LG are believed to plan to launch foldable smartphones in 2017; Samsung is believed can produce foldable devices in a small quantity in late 2017; Apple allegedly will release new 5” and 5.8” iPhones with curved, bezel-free designs in 2017; JDI has revealed Full Active panel technology to support flexible display in 2019
  • Lattice Semiconductor is acquired by Canyon Bridge Capital Partners
  • SMIC is proceeding with plans to build South China’s first 12” fab at an existing facility in Shenzhen, China
  • Shanghai HLMC has started construction of 12” wafer plant featuring 28nm-to-14nm technology in Shanghai, China
  • SK Hynix will start mass-producing the 48-layer 3D-NAND chips from later in Nov. 2016
  • Toshiba to build a new plant in Yokkaichi Operations in Mie, Japan, for production of 3D Flash memory
  • Samsung System LSI will commercialize its fingerprint recognition sensor chips in 2017
  • Huawei‘s Richard Yu indicates the company wants to become the world’s 2nd-largest smartphone maker in 2 years
  • Lenovo will no longer market phones under its own brand name; all future handsets will be ‘Moto’ phones


  • According to Digitimes Research, global market value for biometrics will increase from USD14.6B to USD31.4B in 2020
  • Lenovo announces 1M units of the Moto Z series has been sold worldwide
  • Huawei announced that its Huawei P9 smartphone has sold 9M handsets since the phone was unveiled in Apr. 2016

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