11-4 Week: A series of financial report, a series of merger / acquisition, and a series of panel makers investment; etc.

2016 is coming to an end, but first take a look at this week summary:

A series of financial reports—

  • MediaTek consolidated operating income USD240.35M
  • Qualcomm net income USD1.6B
  • Innolux recorded net operating profit of USD122M
  • Synaptics revenue from mobile products (incl. touchscreen, display driver, fingerprint, etc.) is USD331.3M
  • Sharp expects to report a USD245M annual operating profit in the business year ending in March 2017
  • Sonysemiconductors sales and operating revenues reaches USD1,918M

A series of semiconductor acquisition / merger—

  • Broadcom acquires Brocade
  • Intel acquires commercial drone software startup MAVinci
  • GlobalWafers acquires SunEdison Semiconductor (SEMI)
  • Solomon Systech has acquired mobile touch technology assets from Microchip
  • Sony sold its battery business to Murata Manufacturing

A series of panel makers’ investment—

  • Innolux will begin production at the world’s first 8.6G fab in southern Taiwan in Jan. 2017
  • AU Optronics (AUO) expects 6G LTPS TFT-LCD factory in Kunshan to be fully utilized by end of 2017
  • BOE to establish a G6 (1500×1850mm) flexible AMOLED fab in Mianyang, Sichuan, MP in 2019
  • Tianma G6 AMOLED line in Xiamen expects monthly production 30,000
  • LG Display to start using inkjet printing for true RGB OLED display panels in 1H17 its G8 OLED line
  • LG Display and Samsung Display will make invest about USD11.6B in flexible OLEDs in 2016 alone

Other Note-worthy information:

  • Samsung will invest more than USD1B by mid-2017 to increase AP production in its facilities in Austin
  • Samsung Display would roll out a full-screen display whose display area ratio reaches more than 90%in 2017
  • Sharp CEO Tai Jeng-wu has seemingly confirmed Apple plans to use OLED panels in a next-generation iPhone

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