10-16 Week: Apologize for a few days of delay for weekly summary. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aftermath; Samsung 10nm mass production; Foxconn / Sharp to build OLED fab in China; etc.

Apologize for a few days of delay for weekly summary:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Fiasco:

  • Samsung is permanently discontinuing production of the Galaxy Note 7
  • Samsung is reportedly ramping up its Galaxy S7 production, and some of its lower-end models
  • Samsung and the government have launched their own investigations to find out the cause of Note 7 fire
  • In the large-size smartphone market, Apple, Huawei, vivo and OPPO are expected to snatch up the demand of Note 7
  • Samsung said it expects a KRW35 trillion (roughly USD3 billion) deficit from the Note 7 in 4Q16 through to 1Q17


  • Samsung has has begun mass production of the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 with 14nm for wearables
  • Samsung has started mass producing SoC products with 10nm FinFET process (10LPE) technology
  • SK Hynix to develop neuromorphic chips with Stanford Uni, Lam Research and Versum Materials
  • Qualcomm Inc. has taken actions to address Meizu’s patents infringement in US, GE and FR
  • Foxconn and Sharp might start making next-gen display panels for smartphones in China from 2019
  • Huawei has pumped USD1 million in funding into a basic research partnership with the University of California in Berkeley with the goal of advancing AI
  • Huawei has officially confirmed that more than 100 million smartphones had been shipped in 2016


  • By end of 2020 expected to be 22 more fabs in operation, bringing the total number of 300mm fabs used for IC fabrication to 117
  • The global smartphone application processor (AP) market grew 3% on year to USD10 billion in 1H16, while the tablet AP sector declined 34% to USD889 million, according to Strategy Analytics.
  • Yuanta Investment expects to see 153 million units of smartphone with dual-camera shipped in 2017.

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