10-12: Farewell Note 7 – Samsung officially discontinues Galaxy Note 7; Samsung reportedly increase production of S7 series and other lower end products; etc.


NVIDIA announces that it is collaborating with Japanese robotics company FANUC, Toyota, AeroSense (jointly owned by Sony and ZMP), Japan Chiba University and other companies to make use of GPU’s deep learning and computer vision technologies to further develop AI robotics and drones. (TechNews, ET Auto, NVIDIA, Asia Nikkei)
The global IC foundry industry output value will grow at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2016 to 2021, according to Digitimes Research. The output value of the IC foundry industry worldwide is forecast to reach USD66.57 billion in 2021, up from USD50.7 billion in 2016. (Digitimes, press)
IC Insights shows that worldwide capacity by wafer size was dominated by 300mm (12”) wafers in 2015 and is forecast to continue increasing through 2020. At the end of 2015, 300mm wafers represented 63.1% of worldwide capacity. The proportion is forecast to reach about 68% by the end of 2020. (IC Insights, press, Digitimes, EET Asia, OfWeek, EEPW)


At the end of 2015, there were 95 production-class IC fabs utilizing 300mm wafers, IC Insights said. There are 8 new 300mm wafer fabs scheduled to open in 2017. By the end of 2020 there are expected to be 22 more fabs in operation, bringing the total number of 300mm fabs used for IC fabrication to 117. (IC Insights, press, Digitimes, EET Asia, OfWeek, EEPW)


Touch Display
Apple’s patent “Electronic devices with display-integrated light sensors” embeds light-sensing sensors directly into device displays, an important step in creating a full-screen iPhone without the trademark “chin and forehead” bezels. (Apple Insider, USPTO, Leiphone, 163)


As Samsung Display, LG Display and Japan Display have shut down mostly 5G to 6G TFT-LCD lines to gradually expand AMOLED production capacity since the beginning of 2015, global shipments of small- to medium-size LCD panels will continue decreasing from 2.647 billion panels in 2017 to 2.189 billion units in 2021, equivalent to -4.6% CAGR in the period, according to Digitimes Research. (Digitimes, press)


According to Sigma Intell, entering Oct. 2016, the overall market demand is slightly calm down, and the handset panel prices showing some changes. In Oct. 2016, a-Si handset panel prices increase rate is about 5%~10%, comparing to 30% in Sept. 2016, the increase rate is shrinking. However, as a-Si production continues shrinking, causing the tight supply, and expects this will continue till year end. (China FPD, Sigma Intell, press)


Apple’s patent details a multi-sensor camera assembly capable of achieving maximum image quality in a minimal amount of space. It splits incoming light into at least three (red, blue and green) wavelengths using a series of prisms, directs and captures the rays with independent light sensors and combines the resulting data into a “super resolution” image via specialized software. (Apple Insider, USPTO, Tencent)


Google explains OIS is not used on Pixel – OIS aims to improve low-light photography by helping to eliminate hand shake while the device is taking a shot with longer exposure. Google does not need the benefits on OIS for low-light conditions since the device already has exceptional low-light capabilities with the larger pixel sizes. (TechNews, 9to5Google, Google)
The supply shortage that persisted in the NAND Flash market during 3Q16 will become more acute in 4Q16 due to surging demand from clients in the smartphone and SSD industries, according to TrendForce. TrendForce estimates that the average notebook SSD adoption rate worldwide for 2016 will reach near 33%. (TechNews, TrendForce, press, TrendForce[cn], press)
Western Digital (WD) is now introducing 2 families of WD-branded consumer SSDs, namely WD Blue and WD Green, each derived from existing SanDisk product lines. (CN Beta, AnandTech, Western Digital)


Seagate has unveiled a new addition to its FireCuda hybrid HDD lineup, the 2.5” 2TB FireCuda, as well as a new 5TB 2.5” mobile HDD which will be a part of its BarraCuda lineup. (CN Beta, Seagate, MyCE, Fudzilla)


Infineon Technologies has acquired Dutch electronics company Innoluce BV, a designer of miniature “lidar” laser-scanning modules that the German chip giant says can help it to cut dramatically the cost of sensor systems for driverless cars. (TechNews, EE TrendET Auto, Reuters, Business Insider)
A study conducted by Analysys Mason ordered by the executive body of the European Union (EU), the European Commission, estimates that to get all 28 member states of the EU to reach 100Mbps broadband speeds for home users, and 1Gbps for public sector and businesses, it will cost a total of EUR502 billion. (CN Beta, ISP Review, Neowin, report)


Samsung is permanently discontinuing production of the Galaxy Note 7, the company is facing a massive USD17 billion dollars in lost sales revenue. (Android Authority, GSM ArenaReuters, My Drivers, CN Beta)
Samsung is reportedly ramping up its Galaxy S7 production, and some of its lower-end models to try and make up for all the lost profits. (CN Beta, Android Headlines, Digital Trends, Korea Herald)
Samsung to stop all sales and exchanges of Galaxy Note 7 is expected to cause noticeable changes in shipments of major smartphone brands, according to TrendForce. In the large-size smartphone market, Samsung’s competitors such as Apple, Huawei, vivo and OPPO are expected to snatch up the demand that was initially going to Note 7. (TrendForce, press, TrendForce[cn[, press, TechNews)


After Samsung discontinues Galaxy Note 7, with original market expectations for approximately 10~14 million Galaxy Note 7 units in 2H16, Drexel Hamilton’s analyst Brian White believes Apple has an opportunity to pick up at least 8 million incremental units of iPhones in 2016. (Phone Arena, Barron’s, blog)
Fiksu’s data indicate that Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus now makes up 30% of iPhone 7 sales, the highest percentage ever for the Plus models. The ratio may go even higher for the December quarter. This could push iPhone ASP for the quarter to an all time high above USD700. (CN Beta, Fisku, Business Insider, Seeking Alpha)


Chinese mobile phone companies with their Indian counterparts will hold 3-day joint summit starting 22 Oct. 2016 here with around 20 firms having interest in setting up their manufacturing units in the country. (CN Beta, India Times)


Google announced that YouTube has acquired FameBit, “a technology platform company that helps creators and brands find and work with each other through sponsorships and paid promotion”. (CN Beta, LA Times, Engadget, Google, USA Today)
“Fortune China” magazine has listed 2016 Most Admired Chinese Companies, in which Alibaba Group, Huawei Technology, Haier Group are ranked the top 3. (CN Beta, Fortune China)


Japanese electronics company Fujitsu has informed its workers that up to 1,800 jobs could be set to go in the UK, which is part of a “transformation programme” it is currently undertaking. (CNFOL, iFeng, TechNews, Reuters, Sky)
Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT), the partnership that started between Fullpower Technologies and Switzerland, which provides smartwatch modules to Mondaine, Alpine, and Frederique Constant in 2015. MMT was a subsidiary of Frederique Constant until the watchmaker was acquired by Citizen earlier this year, and MMT was spun out. Now on its own with a new CEO, MMT is back to making smartwatch modules for Swiss watchmakers — now with new and improved features. (CN Beta, The Verge)
Garmin is optimistic with the growth in Asian market, thus acquiring Japanese channel partner iiyo.net, in order to stabilize foothold in Asia. (TechNews, China Times, WantGoo)
Internet of Things
Huawei has pumped USD1 million in funding into a basic research partnership with the University of California in Berkeley with the goal of advancing artificial intelligence. (Android Authority, Huawei, 36Kr, SPN)
Disney Research has invented a one-legged hopping robot that can bounce 19 times without falling over. The robot’s single leg uses a technology called a linear elastic actuator in parallel or LEAP. The robot can jump for about seconds before toppling. (Yahoo, IB Times, TWWTN, GMW)


Netatmo releases the Healthy Home Coach, an indoor climate tracking system with support for Apple’s HomeKit platform. The Home Coach uses 4 sensors to track noise, humidity, air quality, and temperature. (Apple Insider, Android Headlines, Netatmo, Netatmo)


Samsung introducing a new line of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled wall ovens, cooktops, and range hoods. These appliances work with Samsung’s SmartThings Hub, which lets user connect and remotely control all of the smart products from one place. (Engadget, Samsung, OfWeek)


According to a survey of 1,300 respondents (with 180 of whom Amazon echo owners) conducted by Exparian and Creative Strategies, the 6 most used functions of Amazon Echo are: playing music, controlling smart lights, set timer, streaming music service, listening to news and setting the shopping list. (TechNews, PDDNET, Business Insider, Experian, infographic, Yahoo, Statista)


Netgear revealed the Arlo Pro HD wireless camera, which features quick-charge rechargeable batteries and two-way audio. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but can also be plugged into an outlet via the included AC adapter. It is priced at USD189.99. (CN Beta, CNET, Tom’s Guide, PC Mag)


The Bundesrat, the upper house of Germany’s parliament, passed a resolution that calls for the elimination of vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines by 2030. (TechNews, Road and Track, Green Car Reports, Yahoo)
General Motor (GM) has invested in China’s Yi Wei Xing, a car sharing tech platform provider that is responsible for Feezu, a timeshare rental car service similar to Zipcar, as well as providing the backend for rental companies looking to provide their own car sharing service. (TechCrunch, GM, eBrun, 163)


SK Holdings C&C has signed an agreement with Hon Hai Precision Industry’s logistics subsidiary Jusda Supply Chain Management to set up a joint venture, which will combine Jusda’s global logistics capacity and its own information and communications technology including artificial intelligence and chat bot. (TechNews, Korea Times, Korea Herald)

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