9-23 Week: 1-Oct long holiday is coming, and this week summary comes with MediaTek 4G/3G shortage, Huawei Leica collaboration, EDO investing in G6 OLED; etc.

10/1 long holiday is impending, and before that let’s take a look at this week summary:


  • MediaTek 4G chipsets will be in tight supply till 2017,
  • MediaTek 3G chipsets have a huge gap in Aug / Sept 2016, and the gap is as large as 50%
  • Shanhai Capital will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Analogix for over USD500 million
  • IBM’s computer chip called TrueNorth is designed to emulate the functions of a human brain
  • BOE has stopped investing in new LCD projects, but turning to OLED
  • LG Display is looking into a way of halting part G6 (P6) lines and producing additional OLEDs
  • General Interface Solution (GIS) announced plans to setup a new display factory in Chengdu
  • EverDisplay Optronics will invest CNY27.278 billion (USD4.09 billion) to set up a 6G AMOLED factory
  • Huawei and Leica have created a new R&D center to create better camera modules
  • Huawei will start to manufacture smartphones in India from next month, in partnership with Flex
  • BlackBerry may announce an exit from the smartphone hardware market soon


  • IHS Markit indicates BOM of Apple iPhone 7 (32GB) is USD219.8
  • Chipworks indicates BOM of Apple iPhone 7 (128GB) is USD292



  • Samsung mid-range Galaxy J7 Prime, J5 Prime, On7 (2016) and On5 (2016)
  • HTC Desire 10 Pro and mid-range Lifestyle
  • LeEco flagship Le Pro 3

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