9-15 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival: Apple announced that the first batch of iPhone 7 Plus has sold out globally; Qualcomm introduces new Clear Sight dual camera system; etc.


Samsung Exynos 8895 leaks – to reach frequencies of 3.0GHz and power consumption lower than 5W. (Phone Arena, WCCF Tech, ZOL, My Drivers)


Chip orders for Apple iPhone 7 placed thus far for 2016 are higher than previously estimated, according to Digitimes. Apple has set a goal of having had its manufacturing partners make nearly 100 million iPhone 7 devices by the end of 2016, higher than its suppliers’ earlier prediction of 80~85 million units. (Digitimes, press, CNA)

Touch Display

It is expected that large area OLED panel pixel formation technology, which is possible only using solution based and SMS (small mask scanning) so far, gets possible using FMM process. DAWONSIS developed the technology downward deposition method by joule heating, to make mass production of large area display panel possible and to enhance efficiency of material usage more than 2 times. (OLED-Info, OLEDNet)


According to TrendForce, displays for wearable devices and large indoor public displays are two applications that offer micro-LED the quickest paths to commercialization. TrendForce estimates that having all wearable devices and indoor public displays on the market to switch to micro-LED would consume as much as 50% of the current LED production capacity worldwide. (Digitimes, TrendForce, press, TrendForce[cn], press)


Qualcomm introduces new Clear Sight dual camera system. Clear Sight uses 2 camera lenses — one color and one black and white — along with new software to allow the Spectra image signal processor to grab both images simultaneously and merge them instantly. The camera sensors are identical, with one difference—a color filter. Clear Sight is available for the Snapdragon 820 and 821. (CN Beta, Android Authority, Qualcomm, Android Central, DP Review)



Mobileye broke ties with Tesla Motors because the company was “pushing the envelope in terms of safety” with the design of its Autopilot driver-assistance system, says the Mobileye’s chairman Amnon Shashua. (CN Beta, Reuters, Engadget, Market Watch)



With the new EUR120 million grant, the EU plans to provide free Wi-Fi in every EU town by 2020. It also wants to make sure that by 2025, 5G is fully deployed across the continent and every European household has an internet download speed of at least 100Mbps. (Android Authority, Ars Technica, HK01)


ReportLinker study shows that 67% of US respondents are not likely to purchase Apple iPhones 7. Only 44% of current iPhone owners may upgrade to the new models. (ReportLinker, press, CN Beta)


Apple announced that the first batch of iPhone 7 Plus has sold out globally in all the available colors already on 14 Sept. 2016. In addition, iPhone 7 in the new shade, jet black, has also been sold out all over the world. (Reuters, Forbes, PC Mag, CN Beta)
Apple executive Jimmy Iovine said the company is not currently pursuing any plans of acquiring Tidal. (Apple Insider, BuzzFeed, Ubergizmo)
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek anounces that it has 40 million paid subscribers. (Engadget, Billboard, SlashGear, TechSpot, 163)
Lixin Cheng, ZTE’s United States smartphone Chief Executive, is expecting moderate growth from the American unlocked smartphone business going forwards. He estimates around 5% of smartphone sales into the US market are unlocked devices and he expects this to double to 10% by 2020. (Android Headlines, Fierce Wireless)
Indonesia’s tax office will investigate Alphabet’s Google for suspected unpaid taxes from billions of dollars worth of advertising revenue. (Kit Guru, Channel News Asia, Reuters)


Apple CEO Tim Cook made comments suggesting that augmented reality (AR) would be a future focus for Apple. (ABC News, Apple Insider, CN Beta)


LG, Huawei, and Lenovo / Motorola will not release any Android Wear smartwatches before the end of 2016. (GSM Arena, CNET, CN Beta)
Microsoft Band 2 reportedly might be the last Band ever released, though the Microsoft Health service backing the device will continue to be supported. (ZDNet, Pocket-Lint, Tencent, Sina)
Futuretown announces 5D Totalmotion, which is a cylindrical motion feedback machine that can fit any module on top to simulate different types of scenarios, such as riding, standing and seated experiences. (Engadget, Engadget[cn], 4Gamers)


Internet of Things

General Electric (GE), a Haier company, launched its new “Geneva” skill for the Amazon Echo that will let users control their connected appliances with their voice. The new functionality will work on 70 different models of GE appliances. (Android Headlines, CNN, The Verge, Home World Business, GE)


Smartphone accessory brand Anker announces the launch of Eufy, a new brand for a line of products aimed at smart home and home automation. (TechCrunch)

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