9-9 Week: It is another busy week, and let’s take a look at this week summary–Samsung battery problem, iPhone 7 launched, Xiaomi Foxconn new assembly fab in India, Apple Foxconn talks about manufacturing in India; etc.

It is another busy week, and let’s take a look at this week summary:


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall due to battery issue estimates costs Samsung around USD1 billion or less
  • Apple reportedly has issued a request for quotation (RFQ) to MediaTek recently for wireless charging chips
  • Apple and Foxconn to look at the possibility of making the iPhone in India in the next 2~3 years.
  • LG’s next G series handset will also come sporting a modular design too
  • LG says it is “aggressively investing” in robots
  • Xiaomi is setting up its second assembly plant in partnership with Foxconn in India
  • TSMC and other pure-play foundries will see their capacity utilization to fall in 4Q16
  • TSMC’s 7nm technology is scheduled to volume production in 1Q18
  • Intel acquires computer vision startup Movidius to build up its RealSense platform
  • GlobalFoundries uncorked its 12FDX platform, incorporating a 12nm FDSOI process technology
  • Mainland China is shifting high-end mobile phone panel production, decreasing the supply of a-Si panel
  • BOE only has one G5 LCD production line, and it is still operating
  • Canon has developed a new CMOS sensor equipped with a global shutter function


  • It is estimated an annual increase of 31.6% for 2017 total LTPS panel capacity
  • Global market size of biometrics technology in 2020 will grow to USD2.5 billion
  • Market size of face recognition could grow to USD2.4 billion by 2020
  • In 2Q16, China wearable shipment has reached 9.54 million units
  • OTT (including smart TV and box) shipment expects by 2020, it would reach 400 million units
  • Huawei has already sold over 6 million P9 units globally since launched in April 2016


  • Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 and AirPods are announced
  • LG V20 is official

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