8-26 Week: Weekend is passing, last week info recap — Xiaomi wants to go to US, Samsung wants to sell refurbished phones, Ramos denies bankruptcy, Taiwan OLED development; etc.

It is another busy week, and let’s take a look at this week summary:


  • Meitu has reportedly filed an application with Hong Kong regulators on for an initial public offering (IPO)
  • It is rumored Huawei is preparing a new product line targeting female, namely Nova
  • Xiaomi is preparing to enter the US smartphone market “in the near future”
  • Google quietly revealed a new operating system Fuchsia
  • Samsung is reportedly planning their own refurbished smartphone program that could launch as soon as 2017
  • Ramos mobile officially denies rumour of bankruptcy, and protest from employees
  • Xiaomi is working on a more sophisticated VR headset
  • Japan’s Renesas Electronics Corp is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire U.S. chipmaker Intersil Corp
  • GlobalFoundries is reportedly planning to skip the 10nm node altogether and move straight to 7nm right away
  • Rumor OPPO and vivo are shifting their orders to Qualcomm, and that is actually a “friendly” advice from MediaTek
  • Taiwan pushing development of OLED. AUO is leading the development, follows by Innolux
  • OPPO has used JDI as another display supplier. They will name the JDI version as R9km
  • BOE announced its flexible panel product will be launched in 2017


  • According to Gartner, Global sales of smartphones to end users totaled 344 million units in 2Q16
  • According to IDC, Indian smartphone market registered 27.5 million units of smartphones shipments in 2Q16
  • Among Gen-Y, the most popular brands are Apple. But for the younger Gen-Z, the most favorite are Xiaomi
  • The revenue profit of Samsung Electronics mobile division in 2Q16 has grew 57%
  • According to IDC, Xiaomi has shipped 880,000 units of Redmi Note 3 online in 2Q16
  • OPPO and vivo smartphone shipment in 2016 is expected to reach 60~80 million units
  • According to Cannaccord Genuity, Apple is the most profitable with a 38% margin for smartphones, while Samsung is 17%
  • According to Strategy Analytics, 44% of Indian smartphone owners likely to replace device in next 6 months

Products: Huawei G9 Plus, Tizen-powered Samsung Z2, dual-camera 360 Q5 / Q5 Plus, Meizu U10 / U20, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

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