8-16: Panasonic will reportedly sell smartphones under USD100 in emerging markets; Google reportedly to launch smartphones under its own branding in Sept. 2016; etc.


KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple iPad to follow a conservative hardware evolution going into 2017, with Apple readying 3 next-generation models largely similar in design to existing units. Apple “A10X” SoC made using TSMC’s 10nm process is expected to power both the 12.9” and 10.5” models of iPad Pro. (Apple Insider, TechNews, China Times)
The Elon Musk-backed OpenAI nonprofit became the first ever customer for Nvidia’s so called “AI supercomputer in a box”, officially named the DGX-1. (CN Beta, Tom’s Hardware, Fortune)


IC Insights lists the top-20 worldwide semiconductor (IC and O-S-D—optoelectronic, sensor, and discrete) sales ranking for 1H16. It includes eight suppliers headquartered in the U.S., three in Japan, three in Taiwan, three in Europe, two in South Korea, and one in Singapore. 13 of the top-20 companies had sales of at least USD3.0 billion in 1H16. (IC Insights, press, TechNews, Kejixun)


Touch Display

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects flexible AMOLED panel to highlight a host of hardware upgrades for Apple iPad in 2018. (Apple Insider, China Times)
The Cadillac “new design concept” features at least three curved OLED screens that the company has co-developed with LG Display. (CN Beta, Auto Blog, Motor Authority, Slash Gear)


CPT recorded consolidated revenues of NTD9.656 billion (USD302 million), gross margin 6.83%, operating loss NTD981 million, and net profit NTD283 million for 2Q16, leading to consolidated revenues of NTD19.121 billion, gross margin 4.41%, operating loss NTD2.609 billion, net loss NTD2.570 billion for 1H16. (Digitimes, press, Sina, China Times)


A fall of 16% in DRAM ASPs coupled with a forecast 3% decline in unit shipments is expected to result in the market declining 19% in 2016, the lowest among the 33 IC product categories IC Insights, according to the research firm. This steep decline will be a drag on growth for the total memory market (-11%) and for the total IC market (-2%) in 2016. (Digitimes, IC Insights, press, PCB Tech, 52RD)

icinsights-memory-market-growth-by-device-type-2016 icinsights-volatile-dram-asp-growth-2016-2017


Tesla and its gigafactory are facing the challenges from the supply chain. Tesla’s goal is to produce 500,000 vehicles a year by 2018. Lithium supplies are likely to stay tight throughout 2016 with a deficit this year of 4,500 metric tons according to Macquarie Research, before balancing out in 2017 and 2018. (CN Beta, Oil Price)



Apple has filed a patent application for wearable device that can measure electrocardiographic (ECG) signals through a series of sensors, according to a filing published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). (CN Beta, Quartz, USPTO)



Lookout found out that a massive 80% of Android users have been left open to hacks that could result in hackers being able to gather information such as usernames and passwords. the flaw was originally found in Linux 3.6, which was introduced way back in 2012. (Ars Technica, Digital Trends, iFeng, CN Beta)



Pennsylvania State University has made a biodegradable liquid that can seamlessly join the torn ends of cloth using bacteria and yeast. Simply place a few drops of the solution on a fabric tear, apply warm water, and press the torn edges together for around 60 seconds. From there, watch the material magically seam itself back up. (TeCake, Digital Trends, TechNews, Wonderful Engineering, CNN, East Day)



According to GSA, a total of 147 operators have commercially launched superfast LTE-Advanced or LTE-Advanced Pro wireless broadband services in 69 countries. GSA has classified 9 of the commercially launched networks as being LTE-Advanced Pro. (GSA press release, GSA mobile facts Aug. 2016, CN Beta)


SK Telecom and Verizon have announced a partnership to develop and strengthen technical specifications for 5G standards and also conduct joint studies for new 5G uses and applications. (Fierce Wireless, Android Headlines, CC Time, Digitimes)
German carmaker Audi is equipping its latest models with a feature that allows the cars to receive traffic light information in areas that have centralized control. The feature will roll out city by city. Audi expects 5~7 cities to be up and running by end of 2016. (Engadget, Re/Code, CNET, Reuters, Auto News, Business Insider)


According to Kepios report “Digital in 2016”, in the past 1 year, global Internet users have increased 10% to more than 3.4 billion (at the same time, the growth of total population is 46%). Social media users grow 10%, and users who access social media via mobile devices grow 17%. (199IT, We Are Social report)


According to Kepios report “Digital in 2016”, in the past 1 year, from 2015 till now, total mobile users have grown 4%, and half of the worldwide population own at least 1 mobile phone. 46% of the mobile users are smartphone users. (199IT, We Are Social report)


China’s quantum network could soon span two continents, thanks to the Quantum Science Satellite launched on 16 Aug. 2016, which is designed to distribute quantum-encrypted keys between relay stations in China and Europe. When working as planned, the result could enable unprecedented levels of security between parties on different continents. (From Geek, The Verge, WSJ, CS, 163, Guancha)



Smartphone shipments in the China market totaled 149 million units in 2Q16, representing an increase of 2.7% on quarter and 14.3% on year, according to data compiled by Digitimes Research. (Digitimes, press)


Canalys’ latest market forecast shows worldwide smart phone shipments will reach just over 1.4 billion units in 2016 – a 5% year-on-year increase. Shipments in Asia Pacific (excl. Greater China) are expected to grow by 13%. (Canalys, press, Phone Arena, Barron’s)


Panasonic will reportedly sell lower-priced smartphones in emerging markets, starting with Kenya, Ghana and three other countries in the fall. Priced around JPY10,000 (USD98.72) per unit, they will not be LTE-compatible. Annual production is slated to reach 3 million. (Asia Nikkei, CN Beta)
Japan’s electronic parts manufacturers are facing a double whammy of a strong yen and souring sales at Apple. Even so, their fiscal 2016 earnings projections are more optimistic than expected as the firms continue to cut the cord from Apple. That is because Supplies to Chinese smartphone manufacturers are picking up significantly. Additionally, the industry starts seeing results from medics, new energy and other emerging industry. (CN Beta, Asia Nikkei)
Westfield unveils the 5 key trends that will shape tomorrow’s retail industry: Pay as you go retail, Classroom retail, Lifestyle loyalty, Enhance assistance, and Inside-out retail.  The future retail report draws on interviews with leading experts over 13,000 people across the UK and USA to show how emerging consumer trends will shape future stores. (TechNews, Westfield, report)

westfield-pay-as-you-go-retail westfield-lifestyle-loyalty westfield-inside-out-retail westfield-enhanced-assistance westfield-classroom-retail

Google appears to be preparing to launch smartphones in Sept. 2016 into a limited number of markets around the world, including India, under its own branding rather than using “Nexus” branding. (Android Headlines, NDTV)
HMD Global Oy, the parent company of Nokia, said that former executive of Rovio Pekka Rantala will become CMO of the company, effective immediately. (Reuters, The Register, Pocket Now, CN Beta, PR Newswire)


The affordable-smartphone revolution that is delivering a world of education and entertainment to hundreds of millions of Indians may be delivering a world of hurt to consumer-product makers. With more Indians using smartphone services, their expense budget on snacks, drinks and shampoo are decreasing. (WSJ, Yahoo, 199IT)


KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo readjusts its forecasts of Apple iPad. He expects 2H16 Apple will not have any new iPad products, and for whole year of 2016, the shipment is readjusted from 45-50 million units to 35-40 million units. (Apple Insider, TechNews, China Times)
Chuwi Hi10 Pro dual OS tablet is released – 10.1” 1920×1200 display, Intel Atom Cherry Trail X5 processor, 2MP + 2MP cameras, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Android 5.1 (Remix OS 2.0) + Windows 10, USB Type-C, 6500mAh battery, USD199. (Gizmo China)



According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, that future will include technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) which he has referred to as being “core technologies”. He also reiterated that AR is something that Apple is working on. (Kit Guru, Ubergizmo, TechNews, Washington Post, Business Insider, 163, Sohu, Tencent, ZOL)

Internet of Things

Logitech introducing Pop Home Switch – a button controls Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices from LIFX, Philips Hue, Lutron, Insteon, and Smart Things, as well as IFTTT for an expanded range of compatible products. It is priced USD100 for Pop Home Switch Starter Pack and USD40 for Pop Add-On Home Switch. (Android Headlines, PC Mag, CNET, Logitech, Sina)


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are coming to higher-end models of Honda 2017 Civic Hatchback. (Apple Insider, PR Newswire, CN Beta)


MIT found that currently available electronic car technology would prove suitable to replace 87% of the personal vehicles on the road, and up to 98% by 2020. Such a proportion would lead to a 60% reduction in total U.S. gasoline consumption and a 30% decrease in the 1.8 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions emitted by all American transportation in 2014. (TNW, The Guardian, Denver Post, iFeng)
CB Insights identifies 67 private companies in smart home technologies and mapped them according to 11 main categories they are operating in. (CB Insights, press)



India has decided to put a financial value on its forests: INR115 trillion, or an USD1.7 trillion. This is lower than India’s GDP, pegged at USD2.1 trillion, but higher than the GDPs of countries such as Canada, Korea, Mexico or Russia. (TechNews, Quartz, Hindustan Times)
A confluence of factors puts China at the financial technology (fintech)  forefront: economic advancement, investor behavior, mobile technology, big data, financial industry liberalization, and regulatory acquiescence. Chinese consumers have readily adopted fintech services such as online banking, currencies, money transfers, payments, crowdfunding, lending, investing, and insurance. (TechCrunch, article, Reuters, EY, article)


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