7-22 Week: Enjoy the weekend, prepare for Monday. Last week information summary includes SoftBank, ARM, Google’s antitrust problem, etc.

Enjoy the weekend, prepare for Monday. Last week information summary:


  • SoftBank has confirmed acquiring British chip designer Arm Holdings;
  • EU targets Google over further antitrust complaints;
  • South Korea antitrust watchdog conducted an investigation into Google;
  • Touch panel vendor TPK-KY’s investment subsidy Cando has announced bankruptcy;
  • Corning has revealed Gorilla Glass 5;
  • Toshiba to start manufacturing the world’s first 64-layer 3D NAND flash memory chips;
  • ZTE would reduce low-end products in 2016, focusing mid-to-high end handsets;
  • Samsung sues Huawei for patent infringement in China asking for CNY80.5 million;
  • VR Society is formed;
  • Google is allegedly still working on some kind of virtual reality/augmented reality headset;
  • Funai Electric will be officially ceasing the manufacturing of VCRs in July 2016;
  • Samsung Electronics is to pay CNY3 billion (USD450 million) for a stake in BYD;
  • Nokia hits Huawei with federal suit accusing it of infringing three patents for 4G technology;

New Numbers:

  • 7.5 million smartwatches with cellular connectivity will ship in 2016;
  • Smartwatch vendors shipped 3.5 million units in 2Q16;
  • AMOLED penetration rate in the global smartphone market will surpass 20% by 2016;

New Tech: World’s first flexible MRAM memory device; A new form of water-resistant plastic using graphene;

New Products: Windows-powered Lenovo SoftBank 503LV; Huawei Maimang 5; Lenovo Moto E; IP57-rated Kyocera Hydro Shore; Meizu MX6;

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