7-8 Week: It is already July, have you completed your new-year resolution now? This week summary from Huawei, Google, Samsung, and of course Apple, etc.

July already. Have you fulfilled your dream? This week summary:

  • Headlines:
    • Huawei sues Samsung, T-Mobile for patent infringement, separately;
    • LG mobile division to have a major shake-up of senior executives;
    • Google officially names Android N, Android Nougat, Android 7.0;
    • Sony Mobile has will be lessening their focus in markets such as India, China, and the US;
    • BlackBerry reportedly has discontinued BB10 OS devices;
    • Xiaomi will launch a high-end smartphone 2H16 targeting the CNY4,000-5,000;
    • Samsung’s sales decline in China has continued for the third consecutive year;
    • Major smartphone vendors have increased the selection of affordable handsets in their portfolios;
    • HTC plans to set up more than 10,000 “experience sites” for VR in Mainland China by the end of 2016;
    • Apple is reportedly going on discussion to produce cars by 2019;
    • ASE and SPIL have officially entered into a merger agreement ;
    • Samsung Display denies the report that saying it has spun off its OLED business ;
    • Samsung reportedly plans to shut down its L7-1 (7G LCD) line by the end of 2016;
    • Micron said it would lower costs, including by cutting jobs and focusing on fewer programs;
  • New Numbers:
    • Huawei shipped 28.3 million smartphones globally in 1Q16;
    • Chinese smartphone brands production volumes average year-on-year growth rate reaching 11% in 2016;
    • Isaiah Research estimates Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to ship around 40-43 million units in 2016;
    • Isaiah Research forecast Apple to ship 210-215 million units of iPhone in 2016;
    • Isaiah Research believes Huawei, OPPO, vivo may still have 20-30% of YoY growth in 2016;
    • Nomura estimate OLED smartphone penetration to reach 33% by 2018;
    • CLSA estimates dual-camera smartphone to reach 77 million units in 2016;
  • New Products: vivo X7 and X7 Plus; China Mobile N2; Android One Sharp 507SH; Mid-range LG X5 and X Skin; Big battery—5000mAh ZTE nubia N1, 7000mAh Oukitel K7000 and 5000mAh BLU Energy XL; etc.

Please download PDF from this link.

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