7-4: OLED smartphone penetration in 2018 to reach 33%; 5” FHD rigid OLED has reached cost parity with LCD; Apple to ship 25mln iPhone SE in 2016; etc.

OLED smartphone penetration in 2018 to reach 33%; 5” FHD rigid OLED has reached cost parity with LCD; Apple to ship 25mln iPhone SE in 2016; Samsung to ship 43mln Galaxy S7 series this year; 29% of Americans feeling anxious when they do not have immediate access to their smartphone; etc.


Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) expects to post sequential revenue growth through the fourth quarter of 2016, according to company COO Tien Wu. Revenues for the 2H16 will outperform the 1H16. ASE will experience tighter capacity in the third quarter and is likely to budget an additional capex, said Wu. Capacity has already being tight during the second quarter, Wu added. (TechNewsCS, Digitimes, press)


Touch Display

According to Isaiah Research, Apple upcoming 4.7” and 5.5” iPhone 7 LCM total BOM cost is estimated to be around USD47-48 and USD56-57 respectively in 2Q16 timeframe. The total LCM is projected to account for about 20% of total BOM cost. (Isaiah Research report)


Isaiah Research expects Japanese panel makers JDI and Sharp to have new evaporator equipment move-in in 4Q16-1Q17 time frame, and to start MP before end of 2017. Chinese players BOE Chengdu and Tianma Wuhan are expected to have new evaporator equipment move-in in 1Q17 and 2Q17, respectively, and expecting MP around 2018. (Isaiah Research report)


Nomura Securities expect OLED smartphone shipments to post a 45% CAGR over 2016-2018, which they estimate translates into 33% penetration by 2018 in the global smartphone space. (Nomura Securities report)


Driven by plastic OLED (POLED), Nomura Securities expect the mobile OLED panel market size to reach USD27 billion and surpass LCD from 2018. The key drivers for OLED demand including Apple’s expected transition to OLED display for iPhone from 2H17, Chinese smartphone makers’ increasing OLED adoption and Samsung expanding OLED adoption to mid- and low-end smartphones. (Nomura Securities report)


According to Nomura Securities, the key driver of strong OLED demand from China is the improving cost structure for OLED. They think 5” FHD rigid OLED has reached cost parity with LCD. They also think OLED is likely to be more cost competitive going forward as material costs are already below LCD. (Nomura Securities report)



Isaiah Research compiled Apple iPhone 7 Plus dual-camera module production schedule. (Isaiah Research report)



Isaiah Research forecast Apple to ship 210-215 million units of iPhone in 2016. Because of strong end demand of iPhone SE in China, US and Europe regions, its total shipment would be about 25 million units in 2016. Apple new iPhone “iPhone 7” shipment would be around 80.2 million units in 2016. (Isaiah Research report)


The original business plan (BP) for two models were around 40 million units. Samsung revised up the BP target to 50 million units attributed to the better than expected sales. Isaiah Research forecasts that S7 and S7 Edge to ship around 40-43 million units in 2016. (Isaiah Research report)


According to Isaiah Research, although there will only be one single model for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch in Jul-Aug 2016 timeframe, Samsung still highly expects Note 7 to contribute at least 10-15 million units in 2016. (Isaiah Research report)


Isaiah Research believes that major brands including Huawei, OPPO, vivo may still have 20-30% of YoY growth in 2016. (Isaiah Research report)


Bank of America found that 29% of Americans feeling anxious when they do not have immediate access to their smartphone. 22% feel bored, 13% have a fear of missing out and 12% feel relieved. However, for the Millennials, these numbers rise to 39% feel anxious, 43% are bored, 25% fear they are missing out and 20% feel relief. (Android Headlines, Bank of America, report)


Microsoft announced that Alain Crozier will replace Ralph Haupter to become Microsoft China chairman nd CEO. (CN Beta, iFeng)



Isaiah Research forecasts that Samsung Galaxy tablets to ship 24-26 million units in 2016, which is about 20% lower than 2015. They also forecast both 10.1” new models accumulated are targeted to contribute total 1.5-1.7 million units in 2016. (Isaiah Research report)

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