A Quick Visit to 2016 Smart World Expo

Smart World 2016 is themed with “Smart Network, Change Life!” Building a smart living is the core exhibition, covering smart wearables, smart appliances, personal smart health, smart home, innovative smart hardware segments. It collaborates a number of corporations to build China’s most influential smart hardware exhibition. After a short and quick visit to the expo, here are some short insights to share:

  1. Smart Home continues struggle. Big home appliance vendors are no show, but a number of small-to-mid providing a full-fledge smart home solutions – from backend cloud to smart home appliances products. They are targeted to enterprise use, e.g. hotel or real-estate. For consumer segment, one open system is vital.
  2. Wearables are “dying” compared to a year ago. There are still some small-to-mid sized companies demonstrating their products—from simple exercise tracker to full-circular watch face smartwatch. More products targeting specific consumer group such as children have emerged, yet they share similar designs and functionalities.
  3. VR is a hot topic this year. There are a number of small-to-mid sized companies showcasing their own products. Mainly they are for smartphones, but all-in-one VR is emerging. They are still mainly powered by Android, yet their hardware specification is relatively low (compared to smartphones).

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