6-24 Week: This weekly summary, we see some industry leaders making some announcements from Samsung, Huawei, BBK, Nokia, etc.

This weekly summary, we see some industry leaders making some announcements:

  • Headlines:
    • Beijing IPR court handed down verdict that Apple iPhone 6 series has infringed design patent of a Shenzhen company;
    • Economists think that the current macroeconomic environment has a number of significant similarities with the 1930s;
    • The easy growth days for e-commerce may be over; BBK has just launched a new brand imoo in China;
    • Nokia absolutely has no interest to go back into the mobile business; LeEco has become the biggest shareholder of Coolpad;
    • Samsung new strategy is to maintain about 400 million smartphone shipments per year; Wal-Mart and JD.com have reached strategic partnership;
    • Huawei is reportedly working on a proprietary mobile OS;
    • Huawei has reduced its target to 120 million for 2016;
    • Samsung has announced Samsung VR and Samsung Creators;
    • Samsung plans to invest USD1.2 billion for US-based research on IoT over the next 4 years;
    • Sony will no longer manufacture smartphones in Brazil;
    • Lenovo to revamp its current manufacturing supply chain and invest more on global campaign;
  • New Technologies: Vimicro launches China’s first embedded Neural Processing Unit (NPU); KiloCore has 1000 independent programmable processors; Samsung’s Smart Glow; A cheap ultra-thin film, which is conductive, transparent and flexible; Bluetooth 5 is officially announced;
  • New Numbers: Estimates the shipment of first batch Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to reach 5 million units; After nearly 3 years Xiaomi Redmi shipped 100 million units; Overall economic activity transacted directly through Apple’s platforms is approaching the run rate of USD40 billion/year; Mobile money service users worldwide are set to break the 1 billion mark by the end of 2016;
  • New Products: LG 4 new X series smartphones; OPPO A37; Elephone P20; All-in-One VR Idealens K2; etc.

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