5-27 Week: It is already half a year, and have you completed your new year resolution, at least half of it? This week: Apple touring India, Huawei sues Samsung, Microsoft lays off mobile division; etc

It is already half a year, and have you completed your new year resolution, at least half of it? This week:–

  • Headlines: Apple CEO touring India–talking about issues such as retail stores, manufacturing, and app development; Huawei denies of moving out of Shenzhen; Huawei sues Samsung for patent infringement; Microsoft lays off 1,850 workers from mobile unit.; Google collaborating with IMAX and Yi Technology for Google Jump camera; Samsung “denies” rumour of ceasing development of Android Wear products; HTC is turning its nascent virtual reality business into a separate company under its full control; IBM may cut 14,000 jobs soon;
  • Components Info: Rockchip officially announces its VR flagship product RK3399; Google ATAP has announced that commercial version of modular Ara phones will be available in 2017; MediaTek plans to spin off its VR division; Google has designed its own computer chip Tensor Processing Unit (TPU); Samsung is developing a new display technology based on interactive AR software; EDO is supplying OLED panels to a number of vendors; VicoVR has a body-tracking system;
  • New Tech: Knocki uses non-acoustic sensor technology to turn any surface into a smart surface; Google ATAP’s Project Soli is a tiny radar that can detect small hand gestures; 3D-printed micro-pillar Cilllia sensors; BACTrack Skyn can detect alcohol from sweat; Watch-Bot;
  • New Numbers: Apple has reportedly asked its suppliers to produce 72-78 million new iPhones by the end of 2016; Goldman Sachs believes virtual reality will be the next major product cycle and create an USD80 billion market by 2025; ABI Research forecasts the 4K set-top box market will reach more than 7 million in 2016;
  • New Products: CNY2499 Xiaomi Drone is launched; Dual-camera ZTE Grand X Max 2; Iris authentication enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris; Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 smartwatches; etc.

Please click this link to download the PDF version. Thank you.

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