A Short Sharing after a Short Visit to CSHE 2016

China Smart Home Expo (CSHE) claims to be the first convention in China that is themed “smart home or smart family”. In 2016, the main themes include AR / VR, wearables, smart car, IoT, etc. The main objective of this quick report: To share what’s been observed in the exhibition, with some short insights:

  1. Chipset or semiconductor vendors focusing on IoT showcasing their IoT products or solutions.
  2. Mid-to-small corporate launching their VR products, most of which are smartphone based, but all-in-one is emerging mainly powered by Android OS.
  3. Smart machines and smart home products are here and there, yet they lack a synergy for seamless user experience.
  4. Consumer robotics products sharing similar functions including interactive entertainment, education, voice recognition, person recognition, emotion recognition, remote monitoring. The target users are children.

Please click this link to download the PDF version. Thank you!

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