4-29 Week: Happy International Labour Day, this week headlines include 1Q16 330mln smartphones shipped; Apple financial report; Microsoft promised to make smartphones; HTC continues to invest in VR; etc.

Do enjoy International Labour Day, have a good break to come back to fight again. This week :–

  • Some headlines: Apple has officially posted its 2Q16 (Jan-Mar 2016) earnings results with USD50.6 billion in revenue, a 13% drop YoY; Microsoft offers limited time offer of “buy 1 get 1 free” to get rid of excess inventory of Lumia phones; Microsoft is devoted to Windows 10 on mobile for ‘many years’ to come; HTC launches APVRA and Vive X to push forward its VR business; Samsung to develop standalone VR headset; Google CEO believes AI is the future; Intel to claim not to dependent on PC anymore;
  • Important component news: Qualcomm hinted Apple to use Intel modem; A lot of panel makers developing OLED technology; Samsung to enter OLED TV segment whilst LGD to increase mobile panel production; DRAM will be severely undersupply in 2H17;
  • Some numbers: TrendForce says 1Q16 worldwide smartphone shipment is about 292mln units, 18.6% decline YoY; IDC says 1Q16 worldwide smartphone shipment is about 334mln units, mere 0.2% increase YoY; The China market for industrial robots reached an estimated USD1.3bln in 2015;
  • Some new technologies: Fast and flexible silicon-based transistors; Flexible phone with graphene flexible display; Using gold nanowires to store electricity; Sweat sensors; SkullConduct to authenticate users with their skulls; etc.
  • New products: Huawei P9 Lite with single rear camera; Meizu m3 priced from CNY599; Lenovo’s ZUK Z2 Pro with AMOLED display; DODOcase’s SMARTvr headset; Zotax ZBOX enabling mobile VR; Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera mainly for selfie; etc.

Please download the PDF version via this link. Thank you!

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