4th China Information Technology Expo (CITE 2016) One-Day Trip

China Information Technology Expo (CITE) is jointly held by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and Shenzhen city government every year. This year the theme is “Innovation-Intelligence-Synergy”, showcasing smart machines, robotics, drones, mobile networks, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, wearables, smart home, smart city, integrated circuit, premium components, customized components, new energy, electronic equipment, information technology, etc. This time only half-day visit, and a short reporting of the observation. The insights include:

  • Display is becoming more high-res, innovative applications such as OLED flexible, transparent and mirror, dual-view display are focus.
  • Smartwatch and band are becoming mainstream entering kids and elderly market.
  • VR is booming rapidly this year, yet it is still in its adolescent stage.
  • Robotics booming, yet still far from developed.
  • Drones are still targeting enterprise and professional usage.

Please click this link to download the PDF version. Thank you.

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