4-1 Week: Some headlines – Hon Hai owns 66% share of Sharp; Samsung to adopt start-up culture; Samsung Pay launched in China officially; etc.

A week has passed, and also a month!

  • This week some headlines: Hon Hai owns 66% share of Sharp; Samsung aims to reform its internal culture, execute as quickly as a startup company; Samsung Pay is launched in China; Samsung Galaxy C series leaked; Samsung to launch its IoT OS; Google is reportedly building its own voice-controlled “personal assistant device”; Xiaomi MIJIA is announced; Xiaomi now has 55 corporations in its ecosystem.
  • Other information: MediaTek X30 is leaked; Samsung 3rd variant of Galaxy S7 rumored to use MediaTek Helio X20/X25; Apple iPhone 7 RF chipset to use Fan-Out Packaging; Samsung entering 18nm era; JEDEC announces UFS 1.0 specification; LG Innotek to launch its wireless charger; ITRI developing a new alcohol-sensitive chip; China using facial recognition in medicare payment and high-tech police car; Apple iPhone SE using same components as 5, 5s and 6S.
  • Some numbers: AMOLED production cost is USD14.3 lower than LCD’s USD14.6; Wireless charging receiver 2015 global shipments reached 144 million units; Global biometrics market will reach more than USD30 billion by 2021, etc.

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