3-25 Week: Headlines – Lenovo reorganizing, US temporarily lift trade sanction on ZTE, Meizu 2016 product roadmap is allegedly leaked, etc.

A week has passed.

  • Some information that stole some headlines: Lenovo announced a broad reorganization; 2016 Xiaomi transforms itself; U.S. plans to temporarily lift trade sanctions against ZTE; 360 Mobile has 3 series F, N and Q; 2016 alleged Meizu product roadmap is leaked.
  • Some other information: Apple (not) considering acquiring Imagination Technologies; Intel and AMD are reportedly in talks about potentially licensing GPU patents; chip foundries have finally worked through the worst of the collapse in inventory from the end of 2015; Hon Hai Precision Industry is considering cutting the price to acquire Sharp; Samsung may be Apple OLED first supplier; Samsung may launch foldable phone in 2H16; Samsung and LG accelerate to develop OLED for better VR display; Apple new 4” iPhone and 9.7” iPad Pro use 2GB RAM; China Wuhan XMC building new NAND factory; Samsung cuts DRAM and NAND investment this year; Alibaba to announce VR research lab GnomeMagic Lab.
  • Some numbers: flexible OLED smartphone to ship 500 million units in 2020; this year South Korea vendors to produce 270 million units AMOLED panels; this year Chinese smartphone with fingerprint sensor to reach 200-300 million units; Apple iPhone SE expected to ship 14 million units; last year China big 3 operators revenue combined was CNY1276.6 billion; this year smartphone vendors will generate USD323 billion revenue; this year wearables expected to be shipped 110 million units; etc.

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