3-13: MediaTek Helio X30; MediaTek expanding IoT business; MediaTek Imagiq; Samsung to provide dual-edge display to Xiaomi Huawei; etc.

MediaTek Helio X30; MediaTek expanding IoT business; MediaTek Imagiq; Samsung to provide dual-edge display to Xiaomi and Huawei; Biometrics may raise all kinds of security and privacy concerns; Apple co-founder thinks Amazon Echo is the next platform; etc.


Qualcomm released a new ROM CSRA64XXX series audio platform, specifically for the entry-level and mid-range Bluetooth speaker, The new product line includes three new chips, as well as the software development kit. (CN Beta, My Drivers)


MediaTek COO, Zhu Shangzu expects big things for the Helio X30, which could compete with Qualcomm and Samsung flagship offerings, and it is expected to be announced later this year. (Android Headlines, Anzhuo, IT Home)
MediaTek to expand the IoT business. Although the unit will contribute less than 5% to 2016 revenues, MediaTek expects revenues generated from the business to register robust growth over the next few years. (OfWeek, Digitimes, press, Sina)
MediaTek announced that the new development of Helio high-end smartphone chips, including the P20 and X20, which are expected to equipped with Imagiq image signal processor (ISP). With the Imagiq, the dual lens camera function can be supported, and enhancing the quality of photos. (TechNews, China Times, Fudzilla, CC Time)


Samsung reportedly will be selling curved displays to other Chinese makers, including Xiaomi and Huawei. (My Drivers, GSM Arena, GizChina)
TrendForce survey of quotes for smartphone panels in March finds that the price increases have been concentrated in the segment of panel products for low-end devices. The prices of 5” IPS panels, including products with FWVGA and qHD resolutions, have seen the largest price increase within the application, up almost 10% from February. (TechNews, TrendForce[cn], press, TrendForce, press)


Research on biometric tech has amped up, leading to mobile apps that read various unique-to-you body parts to help verify your identity, raising all kinds of security and privacy concerns, and it’s still an open question as to how government and manufacturers are going to address it all. (Wired, article, TechNews)



Google mobile research station will be doing a handful of tour stops across America in an effort to act as a sort of focus group to “shape the future” of its services and apps. (Engadget, Associated Press, Google)


Internet of Things

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks Amazon Echo is the next big platform for the near future. (CN Beta, CNET)


OFweek researcher said that the market size of service robotic in 2015 was about USD8.5 billion, whilst industrial robotic was about USD12.3 billion. Yet, the service robotic market is closing in with industrial. (Tencent, 199IT, IT168)

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