08-18: MediaTek is to unveil Helio P80 and P90 in the coming months; Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is now being referred to as the SM8150; etc.


Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon mobile chipset for 2019 reportedly might have a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The next Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets for mobile devices will likely be 12.4×12.4mm silicon built on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) 7nm process node using optical lithography.  (Android Authority, WinFuture, XDA Developers)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (SDM855) codenamed “Hena”,  which will succeed the current Snapdragon 845 flagship, is now being referred to as the SM8150. The SoC will measure 12.4×12.4 mm and will be a 7nm chipset manufactured by TSMC. SM1850 may likely not have an integrated 5G modem. Instead, Qualcomm will include a Snapdragon X24 model with support for Cat. 20 LTE.  (GizChina, Winfuture, My Drivers, IT Home, Sina)

MediaTek is allegedly developing successor of Helio P60. MediaTek is to unveil Helio P80 and P90 in the coming months. OPPO is reportedly going to be the first company to use the brand new P80 and P90 in their upcoming mid-range smartphones. (GizChina, Android Authority, Phone Arena, iFanr, CN Beta)

Touch Display

Major LED firms in Taiwan and China have made ambitious moves developing mini LED devices for backlighting applications and displays, with the focus of competition expected to swing from product offerings in 2H18 to production cost in 2019. Demand for LED products has remained weak since 1H18, and has not yet rebounded in 3Q18 despite it being the traditional high season. However, maturing technological development for mini LED is offering business opportunities. (Digitimes, press, Digitimes)

E Ink has announced collaboration with AOMA Technology (APEP) pushing smart bus-stop signs in Shanghai. The smart bus stop signs are based on APEP’s public transportation system solution and E Ink’s e-paper technology. (UDN, CN Beta)

Fraunhofer FEP institute has developed a new micro-patterning process using an electron beam to produce OLED micro-displays on silicon substrates. This could enable a new way to produce direct-emission OLED micro-displays, which will be more efficient and bright compared to the current ones that use color filters. (OLED-Info, Fraunhofer FEP, Elecfans)


Cost up and shortage situation is now spreading to CMOS image sensor components segment. Early 2018, Mainland China high-end lens and motor are facing shortage situation. Huawei and other Chinese brands are pulling in volume, causing the shortage of CMOS chipset. Global CMOS leaders Sony and OmniVision are under-supply. Orders are shifting to Pixart, Silicon Optronics (SOI), Sunnic Group and other Taiwan-based vendors. (HQEW, EEPW, UDN)


Apple has filed for a patent, which showed an optical image sensor beneath the screen. The patent reveals the device’s cameras placed beneath the display, which are able to capture 3D image data of a fingerprint through the display. (CN Beta, BGR, First Post, Patently Apple, Mobile ID World)

In Jan-Aug 2018, IBM, Samsung and Google lead the number of facial recognition patents applied. In particular, IBM as the leader in innovation, not only invented the first commercial computer, helping Apollo landing moon, now even in 2018 launching the world’s fastest AI super computer. (Laoyaoba, Digitimes, Packt Hub)


Millennials, roughly represented by the first two age group below 25 and 26-35s, use much more data on Wi-Fi than the 36+ crowd. According to Strategy Analytics, consumers overall use much more data on Wi-Fi than on cellular—between 2.3 and 4.1x more GB of data on average (per day or month). (Android Headlines, Strategy Analytics, press)

Bluetooth 5.0 transmission speed is 4 times of the current Bluetooth standard. According to some data, currently there are 23 models from 9 brands that support Bluetooth 5.0 standard. (My Drivers, East Day, 52Audio)


Google is developing a new open specification that will enable Android to support hearing aids natively from any manufacturer. GN Hearing will be the first manufacturer to “enable a full spectrum of direct audio streaming from Android devices to hearing aids. (VentureBeat, Android, IT Home, Sina, GN Hearing)

Lenovo chairman and CEO Yang Yangqing indicates that Motorola is mainly positioned at mid-to-high ends, whilst Lenovo brand is focused on mid-to-low end. For mobile business strategy, he is obvious: 1. controlling cost, and he is confident to keep the expense for Motorola below USD1B; 2. Focusing on mainstream products; and, 3. focusing on core competitive markets including LATAM, which at this moment is ranked number 2, led by Samsung. (My Drivers, 52RD, IT Home, CN Beta, Seeking Alpha, Business Ghana)

According to CyberMedia Research, in 2Q18 in India, Xiaomi added the most 36.9% of new devices across India followed by vivo, OPPO, itel and Huawei (Honor).  During the period, the fastest depleting brands in the category were Micromax, Intex, HTC, Karbonn and Gionee. (CMR India, press, My Drivers)

PC / Tablet

According to Strategy Analytics, despite global shipments of connected computing devices falling 4% year-over-year, the installed base is at a massive 1.5B units and household penetration is at 30%, which is the measure of how many households have at least one connected computing device. This rate is 60%~70% range in many developed markets. (CN Beta, Strategy Analytics, press)

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Two patent filings from Walmart describe an entirely different type of shopping experience; one that takes place solely in virtual reality. The patents say this system’s potential users will be able to walk around a virtual store and select items they want to purchase. Upon doing so, an “autonomous robot device” will automatically retrieve and transport the products to a “specified location” where users can go to pick up their items in the real world. (CN Beta, Bloomberg, SlashGear, Pocket-Lint, Techspot)


Lenovo is allegedly working on a smart speaker, Motorola smart AI assistant speakers, which are initially targeted towards China in association with Baidu. The Moto AI assistant speaker can perform functions such as voice commands along with interaction with the end-user based on these voice commands.  (CN Beta, VentureBeat, Android Pure, Seeking Alpha, Android Authority)

Artificial Intelligence

A new patent granted to Samsung could result in shopping recommendations fueled by the emotional response potential buyers show while looking at products. Filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) under the designation ‘WO2018143630,’ the new patent covers both the device and deep learning-based methodology required to make that happen.  (Android Headlines)


Zurich-based investment bank and financial services company Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) has said that the Bitcoin price must hit nearly USD213,000 to replace U.S. money supply. UBS suggests that BTC cannot currently be considered money or a viable asset as its versatility is stymied by the capacity constraints of the BTC network.  (CN Beta, Coin Telegraph, Coin Desk, Bloomberg)

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