3Q19 Smartphone Market

According to Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipment in 3Q19 has reached over 366M units, near 2% increase on year, 7% increase on quarter. Samsung leads the market with more than 22% market share. Huawei, albeit with its situation due to U.S. ban, still exceeds Apple with more than 17% market share. At the same time, in the top 10 rank, only Samsung, Huawei and HMD (Nokia) enjoy a positive year on year growth.

Due to US ban, Huawei’s share in Western Europe (WE) continues to drop and has further dropped 12% on year in 3Q19. Yet, its share in C&EE APAC and ME&A have increased. Samsung generally performs well, with its share increased in C&LA, ME&A, C&EE and APAC. However, part of its share in NA has shifted to TCL and Apple. Lenovo with its Motorola brand continues to win share in C&LA.

In 3Q19, mid-range (US$100-300) share is still the largest, with Samsung leading this price segment with its Galaxy A series. Huawei leads the high-end (US$300-500) with its nova series, Mate 30 series and P30 series. Transsion leads the ultra-low (below US$50) with its sub-brands including itel, Tecno and Infinix. Xiaomis lead the entry (below US$100) segment with its Redmi 7A.

According to IDC, in 3Q19, smartphone shipment globally reaches more than 358M units. Samsung Galaxy A10 (launched in Mar 2019) has exceeded Apple iPhone XR becoming the best-selling smartphone in 3Q19. Samsung Galaxy A20 and A50 (launched in Mar~Apr 2019) continues to gain popularity. Redmi 7A (as it is an independent brand since Jan 2019) launched in Jun 2019 is among the top 20 thanks to its popularity in China and India.

Redmi 7A (Jun 2019) dominates the <US$100 segment. Samsung Galaxy A10 and A50, both late comers (launched in Apr 2019), are dominant in US$100<200 and US$300<400, respectively. Apple iPhone 7 even with its old age (almost 3 years old) dominates the US$400<500 price segment. Huawei and Samsung are the main challengers to Apple above $500 segment with P30 series and Galaxy S10 series, respectively.


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